Sisters allegedly murder, cannibalize possessed dad


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Sisters allegedly murder, cannibalize possessed dad
Telegraph India |
"Yasmin, 22, and Taslima, 25, now in police custody and reported to be unsound, believed that 'Iblis,' the great Satan, had possessed their father, said police. If the account of the delirious sisters is anything to go by, they locked their ailing father, Yunus Mian, in a room, bound him up with chains and slaughtered him. The siblings then danced around his corpse... Officials said the siblings' claim of having drunk their father's blood and eaten some of his organs would be confirmed during post-mortem, after which a case would be registered... He had not been keeping well for some time and family members were of the opinion that he had been afflicted by some evil supernatural power - namely, Djinns."


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