Simple way of temporarily balancing both corpora cavernosas


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Jun 8, 2003
I have found a simple way of temporarily balancing both corpora
cavernosas. I found this technique by experimenting: stretch out
your penis in front by holding the head (do this lightly, not really
much of a stretch ) and with your free hand, flick on the side you
want to enlarge from base to head: make sure you flick on the CC
to make some blood go in. When I am flacid, my penis likes to go
left but doing this (flicking with my index finger on the left cc) will
balance it: my flacid penis will now go straight down the middle.
I cannot say how useful doing this is in the long run, but it does
confirm my hypothesis that I *do* have one bigger CC, which is
responsible for the slight curve my penis takes to the left. I just
wanted to share this with others who were curious of how to tell
if one side was over developped. Cheers...
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