Anyone else here suffer from shy-bladder?

I've had it for almost 10 years now. I make due. But it still sucks. It makes it a little difficult to go out drinking at bars and such, but I usually can make it happen after enough tries, with slight embarrassment.

Basically, if I'm in a public bathroom, I can't piss. My sphincter muscle closes off, and I can't piss no matter how hard I try. Basically, its like my PC muscle is TOO strong. But this has plagued me long before my Penis Enlargement time.

However, if no one enters the bathroom, and I'm completely by myself, I can make it happen. But if even just ONE person is there, my body doesnt let me piss. This makes for some really painful evenings sometimes. Excrutiating pain. Not good at all. But I've grown accustomed to knowing when to piss, how to plan out, what bathrooms to use...etc.
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The presence of other people (especially when they are a few inches from you) always makes the piss creep back up. Happens to me too sometimes. I think the trick is to get drunk enough so you don't give a fuck. Works for me... but my problem isn't as severe as you make yours out to be. I like excreting in me crazy.


Yep, I can let it fly when nobody is around. Hell, if I'm alone in a public bathroom, I can piss into the urinal from a few feet away and write my name in the urinal as I go. I was able to piss just fine with others around before I joined the Marines. After I went through boot camp.....try pissing with 3 or 4 drill instructors screaming "hurry the fuck up and piss NOW RECRUIT...why the FUCK arent you pissing YET RECRUIT...hurry the fuck up recruit!!!"....I had an issue with pissing while others were around....always feels like I'm being watched even if it's just one guy on the other side of the bathroom taking a shit in a stall.
I heard doing multiplication when peeing helps free you up. Like 5x3=15, all your times tables, etc... Works for me.
Hehe, cant be fun be like that. I Have a small wiener and dont really give a fuck if its 30 peps in the same urination room =)
I just feel embaressed of my size, but its easy consealable, i just turn a little to that direktion they have smallest chance to look.
Those in bathroom sometimes seem dick-obsessed...
Usally im pretty filled with liqour at the piss-moments =)
But sometimes not, but dont really care, why be shy? Cant realy get that into my head.

Like if i had a 7" flaccid i would walk in to the b-room like a KING =)
And show off my pride lol !!

But its too bad you suffer from it peeps! =/
Cant it be trained away, it must have happened soemthing in your younger years that made you be like that?

A tip could be: "Pretend you're bigger than all of the people in the place."
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I've had this problem ever since I was a kid, I never used the urinals when there's alot of guys in there, I'd always wait for a cubicle. If I have to I usually just try and get a corner spot in the urinal so as to make sure noone is looking. Sounds really insecure I know, but even if I had a 7" flaccid I doubt I'd be there flopping it around for all to see. The times tables thing could help overcome stage fright tho.


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I'd have to agree with that too. Having a huge floppy flaccid would only give people MORE reason to look! Me personally, I don't care as much about it...if I gotta pee I gotta pee. If they wanna look, that's their problem.

It's a better situation at a strip club 'cause at least you can have a nice chubby when you go to take a piss.
I've got that same shy bladder problem. I tickle just above my bashful one eyed bandit and it usually does the trick.


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I used to, but I got over it. I don't know exactly when or why I got over it, but it doesn't bother me much anymore. And my flaccid size is absolutely awful, so I have all the reason in the world to be embarassed.

Your problem is not an uncommon one. Many of my friends have discussed this...and I mock them, but only because they are ruthless with everything they can think of to mock me.

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