should any of these exercises be altered if you are not circumcised?

Dec 23, 2003
I am from the UK and 90% of us aren't circumcised.
Just curious.


Jun 3, 2003
Circumcision is more than likely split 50/50 throughout these forums. I don't think being uncut effects doing the exercises as much as the style of the exercise. I have always suggested that when someone who is uncut attempts to stretch they pull back the foreskin before gripping behind the glans because I think this is a more effective method of stretching . In many cases the uncut individual will be way to sensitive to do this and practice may take a while until he is able to actually complete the exercise in this form. I have also found that the uncut guys prefer dry jelqing over wet jelging. Again this is really only a change in form more than a change in exercise. I thinks minor adjustments can be made to all the known Penis Enlargement exercises to work either way.
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