shortest-longest time to gains...


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Sep 26, 2003
I've been reading a ton of posts in the last few days and was curious about DLD's gains vs. others. It seems some people have been peing for 4 or more years and did not gain as much or as fast as dld. Now I understand dld is SUPenis EnlargementR dedicated but can you really gain 2-3 inches in length in a year or so just doing manual excercises, no hanging involved? thanks and once again, thanks to everyone helping on the site. You guys give inspiration that effects people like you don't even know,



I've seen guys making their first gains in as little as a week. Granted those guys are in the minority and it's RARE that those are actually gains and not swelling. I saw my first gains in about a month or so. Not much ...around 1/2" of length but thats pretty good when you consider that most guys dont expect to gain more than an inch in a whole year....I dont know whats going on in their heads whether it is low self esteem, reading too much stuff at 🙈, or what. It's very possible to gain 2 or 3 inches in a year. I myself, have gained 3/4" in under 3 months before. What will determine your rate of gains more than anything will be your level of focus and commitment to actually achieving your goals.


Jun 3, 2003
sidapizzle let me say that I was doing pe for a couple of years before I started to gain any length . I found out I was doing exercises incorrectly which led to NO gains. With correct information and motivation i have gained 2 inches in a little over 3 months all with manual pe exercises. I had to switch to hanging because of a work related injury (messed up finger). Gains are steadily showing up on the ruler from the hanging . Now that I understand how to get the gains i want i'll tell ya that no one not even DLD himself (as much as i respect him) will not stand in the way of getting my goal. Don't take that the wrong way either. DLD is my bud and i was just making a point.


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
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Jun 3, 2003
At the end of the day of I was MORE focused and spent MORE time on my pe I reckon Id be bigger than I am now.....its all A matter of DEDICATION mixed with PATEINCE when things dont happen and also TIME to see the effort reap the rewards.