Short term goals better for motivation.

inge de silva

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I find it incredibly difficult to stay motivated working towards a huge end goal - it just seems too far out of reach. Instead, I have opted to make bi monthly small goals to work toward.

I've been lazy with Penis Enlargement and as a result have lost most of my gains from before (see pictures in the pic proof section) and have reverted back to about 7 x 4.8

So, as of last monday, I am starting from scratch.

MONDAY 14th June:

Ouch! Redspots and bruising. Talk about deconditioned, have to whip into shape. Will continue to do 200 light jelqs each day until it feels ready to go. Shouldnt take to long to recondition.


Red spots fading now. Already feels more conditioned. Dicked around with some ulis on wednesday, felt a decent pump .


Red spots gone. Did 300 jelqs and some light uli work. Decent pump . I remember why I did this in the first place!

I've thought about it, and decided that 7.5 x 5.5 is a decent goal for the 20th of August. I've done much of the work, all I got to do now is get those gains I made back!


Had to stop training girth, due to a thrombosis. Son of a bitch had to pop in early to throw me off my routine...
Have, however been doing stretching . I don't know what good it is doing though, because I am uncut and have a phimotic ring in the foreskin, and a short frenulum. This makes it impossible to retract the forskin and grip the skin behind the glans, as it only just slides over my head when erect. Moving it any further is painfully uncomfortable. I have however, felt a few lig pops so that must be good. I've heard of cortisone steroid cream being able to releive the phimotic ring and increasing the size of the frenulum. Is this expensive and does it need a doctors visit to get?


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BEST thing to do mate, is set out to gain 0.10'' each month.
This is reachable, and you'll feel the benfits from this when you gain it.
When this happens you'll feel that U R G E to go further and want more.
Small gains = LARGE size over time.


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Damn, this Thrombosis is common nowadays.
Ya can still work on Penis Enlargement with it.
I take X2 Aspirin and than carry on.
Use Heat/cold treatment on the area and massage it, thats ALL.
Carry-on with the Penis Enlargement routine, cos if ya keep takeing time off you'll SLIP >>>>>> Again.

inge de silva

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I really wish I could, but the discomfort is too much to bear. Aspirin and Ibuprofen do not help, neither does the massage or hot cold treatment. I've tried everything, and I'm starting to think that it may actually be a nasty ingrown hair, because I found while massaging that it is actually possible to squeeze serum and watery pus out of the pore.


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Apply Surgical spirits and Antiseptic cream to the injruy.
Than at intervals add Aloa Vera cream, or fresh aloa vera from the actual plant juice.
The surgical spirit will kill infection, harden that part of the skin stopping cracks and make it stronger next time.
The Aloa vera also kills infection and speeds up healing.
I had a NASTY Blister on my cock recently from hanging , and Surgical spirits [[wich hazel, TCP'' cleared it up GREAT along with the use of antiseptic cream and the odd dose of Lavender Oil.

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