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lately my girl has been spending alot of time over my house. she would come durring the day time, and spend the night at my house. we would have sex for hours on end, lord knows how many times we cum. but this last time, was the best yet.

i have had a long and stressful week up at my college, i worked my ass off until three in the morning on art projects and studied for multiple tests with little to no sleep. i couldn't wait for the next time that i saw my girl, because i knew that she would help me take the stress all away. i would lay at night thinking about her, not only sexually, but just the thought of being with her. i find that to be the only thing that makes weeks like that worth going through.

finally friday came, and her mother was going to drop her off at my house. i just came home from school and my whole body ached, i couldn't even sit up without feeling it. my whole entire body was buring and low and behold i had a fever to top the whole thing off. as soon as i unloaded my dirty laundry i hopped into the shower , and hoping to myself that she would arrive soon and join me in a nice steamy shower . however she didn't join me, and i heard her voice talking to my mother in the kitchen after i came out of the shower dripping wet. i dried myself off and got dressed (without underware because i know that she finds that sexy as hell).

we packed up for a night out of town, we were going to her school for the special holloween dance. we arrived there with another friend of ours and just stood around and acted like idiots. we danced like total off rythem assholes and loved every minute of it. thought it came to the point where i couldn't help but tease her, when we dance i was sure enough to pull her into my hips and that motion was enough to get me half stocked. she would give me the wide eyed look of acknowledgement, and a quick giggle. i couldn't wait to get the hell out of there and make her scream with pleasure, i was dying to feel her around me.
we left the dance, and i drove back in an amazing hurry to drop my friend off so my girl and i can get home earlier. we told him good bye and gave eahother a smile because we both knew what was coming.

we pulled down my drive way and snuck inside the house to find my own mother waiting up for us. she was half asleep and shuffled around the couch to give us a hug and she served us up some milk to help us sleep. my girl said that she had to wash out her hair because she had put some hair dye in it earlier, and she didn't want the pillows to get stained. so soon my mother went to bed, and it was time for the old shower time. i wanted to supprise my girl in the shower , so i let her go change by herself and start to get nice and wet up in the shower . i was getting hard with the anticipation of seeing her dripping, and i couldn't take it any longer. so i stripped down naked looking at her lathering herself up, and i knew she couldn't see me because the sudds were in her eyes. so i slowly opened up the shower door and wrapped my arms around her from behind cupping her D cup breasts and feeling around her freshly shaved pussy lips. i rubbed her clit in nice slow circles as i sucked the water off her neck. her skin felt so smooth and soft on my body as the water dripped down over us and my cock began to throb up against her as she moaned.

i sat her down on the edge of the shower , letting the water pass over my head so it still landed on her. the water trickeled down her body and led right to my mouth which was firmly sucking on her tastey pussy. it tasted so clean and fresh as i slurped up the drips from her clit in loud gulps. i slipped two fingers inside her tight whole, and drove my fingers deep inside her. my fingers fucked her pussy hole as i pulled and sucked on her little pink clit. she let out a huge moan and her eyes rolled back her body arched upwards giving me a great view of her round tits. i fucked her faster and faster with my fingers and her breaths became shorter and quicker as she gasped over and over. her whole body tensed up and i could feel her SQWEEZING around my fingers as she let out her orgasm.

my dick was pulsing with desire and i stood up and she looked longingly at my cock, giving me a nice eager smile. she grabbed hold of my shaft and sucked on my cock taking as much as she could in her mouth. she swirled my head with her tongue and jerked me off hard, pumping and sucking at my head. the presure was too much for me, so i grabbed behind her head and pushed her further down my shaft. she gagged some and i let her come back up for air, but QUICKLY shoved her back down wanting her to gag again. i pushed her head down over and over and finally i shot my hot load into her mouth while i pushed her head futher down my shaft, and not letting her up for air. she coughed out some cum that dripped down her chin and down to the shower drain.

after the shower was done, we dried off and got under the sheets in the bed. she layed there in my arms and she looked into my eyes with a satisfied...yet longing look. i knew that she wanted to start up again as she started to kiss my chest. she licked my nipples in slow tight circles...leading her ways down my abbs and right above my bush. she started take my limp head into her mouth and sucked slow and long, workin me back up to my full potential again. i ran my hand through her hand and asked "do you like my cock in your mouth?" she just nodded at me, making eye contact as she kept her lips firmly wrapped around my ever hardening cock. she told me that she wanted it in her pussy. so i rolled her over and spread her legs and hoisted her hips up with my hands. she was too tight and she moaned out in slight pain as i slowly worked my way inch by inch into her.

her mouth opened up as she moaned out "OH MY GOD...OH MY you're SO BIG" (god i love hearing that) so i push my shaft in all the way down so my balls were pressing against her ass. the sound of them slapping against her quivering asshole as i move my tick in and out from base to tip...base to tip..over and over again. i pumped her faster as her sighs became louder and louder turning into SCREAMS of pleasure. her pussy clentched around my dick, drenching it with a sea of her juices. i could feel the juice dripping down my shaft and onto my nuts. this feeling pushed me over the edge, i let go another creamy load into her wet stretched out hole.

we rolled over onto our sides and she layed in my arms. "oh my god that was AMAZING" she kept saying over and over...and i was more than speechless, all i could say in responce was " was" we both agreed that we were too tired to continue, seeing how it was 1 oclock in the morning, so we got into the nice spoon position without putting any clothes on. we started to drift off into unconsciences, but my dick had other things in mind. i started to feel how her soft breasts fit in my palm and how her breath started to quicken as i sqweezed. my hand traveled down her belly and felt right above her pussy... "oh my" she said, as i started to play around with her lips, trying to stay clear of her clit. i didn't wanna give that to her yet. she laughed to herself as she felt my dick getting harder and harder by the second, "i thought you were tired" she said........."well I might be but HE isn't" i replied.

she turned her head around and met my lips with a deep and passionate kiss. i could feel her pussy starting to become become more moist and more moist until her juices were dripping onto the bed. she said that she wanted to be on the top, so i rolled over on my back and she quickly stradled me and took me in her sweet little pussy, letting out a huge moan. she started to ride me hard without mercy...she fucked my dick rushing toward orgasm, it was too much for me so i grabbed her hips to slow her down. she grinding into me going back and forth...easing the tention up on my dick and giving her most of the pleasure. she was clentching around my dick tighter and tighter so i decided to fuk her pussy as hard as i could. my dick pouned her pussy with all my might; i pulled her shoulders down forcing her entire body down towards my hip as i burried my member deep into her. she let go a gutful moan and i felt her warm juices pouring down my shaft and onto my nuts again. her face just melted into a huge smile, but i wasn't over yet. i knew i could go longer and i continued to pound her pussy without restraint.

she leaned foward and kissed me, i kissed her with all my passion, making her buck her hips against my thrusts. i reached around and grabbed her ass firmly, pulling her cheeks apart and slapping her ass hard (just like how she likes it). i fingered around her asshole, but not inserting my finger inside.....her whole body convulsed and she let out a SCREAM that i never heard her do before...and i knew she loved it. so i played with her asshole as i grabbed and pulled at her ass and continued to pound her now sore and swollen hole. soon i felt another rush of her arm juices flowing down my man sack....this sent me over the edge. "do you want my cum in your pussy?" i moaned out to her as i slapped her ass

"YES YES I WANT YOUR CUM" she screamed out loud, i gave her what she wanted, another massive mound of my load, sending her into another orgasm. she collapsed on to me smiling and giggling as she kissed me. there is no better kisses that we share after we both share a great session of sex. we laid there together just holding eachother until we drifted off into a deep sleep. only to wake up in the morning for another round.


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Holy shit what a tale....ya girl sounds like a right Vixen.
I think ya should take pix of that pole in their :D
I'm a right pervert.......I got hard reading this :) I gunna post some of mi own soon.


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yesterday was my birthday and i was stressed as hell....(aint that just the college life) i had a huge test the next day...which i think i failed...but i don't care i did well on all the others.

my step father came to my dorm to pick me up and we went to the local pizza joint waiting for my mom and my girl to arrive. we sat there and had girlfriend was cuddely as she always is (she's very loving like that). she leaned over to me while i was takin a big bite of pizza and whispered in my ear "i think my boobs got bigger"

my eyes just widened like i hit the jack pot. since she's on the pill they're growing like crazy. then i leaned over to her and said "well i think i'm bigger too" then her eyes widened and she gave me the biggest smile and giggled. i mean i figure that i did grow...because i have been exercising a while..and my dick feels different. so i knew it grew.

finally we got home...i unwrapped my gifts. i got some cards (one was a major tear jerker) you know the type..the parents say that they're proud of you and that you're a "man now" then i got finding nemo for a gift. be twenty lol. (don't laugh at me i like that movie :p) and my happiness quickly dwindled as i had to go study for my history test, i HATE the fuckin american revolution now. it just killed it for me. but while i was studying my girl would sometimes lean over and nibble on my ear and laugh as she saw a bulge grow in my pants. i was 100% hard like it was no soon as she started suckin on my earlobe i was hard as a rock. i led her hand to my belt buckle and she slid her hand down my pants grabbing a hold of my dick, and she bit her bottom lip and just said "ummm...yeah it feels bigger"

that made me HORNY AS HELL. but i still had to study. finally after an hour of torture there was more family time required. we all gathered together and watched finding nemo and my girl seeing it for the first time loved it. when she laughed her tits would kind of bounce a little, i noticed because i watched them both with great intent, and i noticed that she had no bra on...which drove me even MORE crazy. so i got up and tried to take my mind off of it by cuttin a piece of cake for everyone, and it worked and i calmed down until the end of the movie. i was never more happier to see the rolling credits of a movie until last night.

we went into my bedroom after saying goodnight to the family and we started kissing like crazy. we backed off and took off our clothes, and indeed her tits DID look bigger. they were firm and yet soft to the touch, they felt like fluffy pillow clouds as i placed my lips on them. i reached over and turned off the lights so i could only see the outline of her body as i layed her down on the bed and kissed her with a vigorness that i haven't felt in a long time. i was rock hard and my dick was pulsing to be inside her..she grabbed the head of my throbbing member and led it to her pussy and i backed away and said "uh uh..not yet" and i knew that drove her crazy because i felt her hips buck up against me grinding her clit on my head. she moaned uncontrolably as i kissed her neck and down her shoulder blades and teased her hard nipples with the flicks of my tongue.

i got up from her and led my dick to her mouth as she layed there on her back. i slid my dick inbetween her tits as she sucked on my head pumping it quickly in and out of her mouth. she loves to suck on my dick lately..more than normal. it's almost like she's been craving it all week and she can't get enough of it....whatever it is, i like it. she kept my dick nice and slick with her spit as she kept sucking on me like she was sucking a golf ball through a straw. she took my cock in her hand and pumped it in a quick twisting motion as she sucked my head with the rythem. i felt my balls tense up and i was getting so close to the orgasm that i wanted to distract her some i reached behind me and felt her juices flowing from her lips. she sucked me faster as i rubbed her clit as fast as i could. she slowed down on the sucking and let out a huge moan as her eyes cloased and her head leaned back. she forced my dick into her mouth again and i said "no stop, just relax"

she opened her legs up more and bucked against my hand as i could just hear the shadow like figure below me moan in pleasure. her pussy got wetter and wetter until i couldn't take it anymore, i wanted to be inside her so bad. so i let go of her pussy and layed down on top of her as she took my dick in her hand and guided me inside of her. her head snapped back as she moaned out "OH GOD" and kissed me as hard as she could telling me to fuck her.

i started to pump her slowly inch by inch letting my dick feel each and every inch getting drowned in her. i pumped her faster and faster until she came to a gushing orgasm drenching my dick and balls. she kissed me lightly because her energy was wasted on the orgasm, but mine wasn't. i kept moving in and out of her as she came a second time, moaning louder as if she was in pain, but she didn't tell me to stop. she told me to keep going..and i felt the cum rushing up my dick so i stopped and kegled as hard as i could..and slowly the feeling died down. and when it did i started up again and her moans became louder and louder, i had to muffle her with kisses as she pushed her lips firmly against mine letting out loud moans. her hips bucked furiously against my dick as she climaxed again...i stopped again because the feeling was too much

"i'm trying to hold out" i told her

"it's alright go ahead i want you to"....she gave me a smile

so i pouned her pussy without holding back concentrating on my own orgasm, and i felt her juices push against my dick again as she practically screamed out like bloody murder. i blew my hot load inside of her as she bucked up against my dick again and again sighing over and over to each burst from my dick.

we laid there with her in my arms...and all we could say was "oh my god" and just basked in the feeling of total relaxation. but afte rabout 10 mins...we got the old feeling back. she started to lick my chest and along my stomach...and then she took grab of my limp dick and took it into her mouth. i love her suckin on my limp dick because it's really the only time that it can fit totally into her mouth..she sucked on it like it was her job. she took all of my dick into her mouth and pumped her head back and forth workin me slowly back up to erection. she took my growing dick in her hand and kept lubing it up with more and more spit as she moaned and sucked on my cock. she started to pump her hand up and down my shaft, drenching it with more spit over and over until all i could see was a dark shadow pumping my pulsing cock with her hand and hear the sound of slurping. i could feel the tip of her tongue flicking the very tip of my dick as she sucked on my head still pumping me getting me harder and harder. it got to the point where i felt like my dick was about to explode as she kept pumping her hand and moving her head back and forth over my dick. i felt my nuts starting to tense up again after 15 minutes of her suckin on me with porno like skill. (i swear to god she keeps getting better each and every damn time) she kept pumping my cock as i filled up her mouth with another huge load. i didn't even know i could have cum that much after such a huge first load. she kept my dick in her mouth until i was soft....and made sure to clean up my dick so there was no more left.

we were both tired as she layed down next to me and we just fell asleep together. goddamn what a birthday.



Samzman, You got a great Girl there man ;)
i got a bone just from reading that shit!


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this is basically a normal thing now, i come home from school....i steal her for the night on saturday, and then return he rto her mother on sunday (the mom aint stupid she knows what's going on)

well again i was stressed out all week, it's finals time and you know that every single college student (me included) are ready to pull their hair out and tap dance on their professors throat by the end of the first week. i stayed up late working on projects and doing homework and studying my ass was a on going shit job from the beginning of the week until the end. well.......until i saw my girl of course. her week was the same, teachers yelling at her and her mother stressing out over some personal shit. my girl and i would write emails and........well shit you all know my name and the name says it all and if it doesn't make sence then her name is sam by the way lol.

well i was looking foward to seeing her all week needless to say, and she would sign online and i would tease her saying that "i worked hard on my dick this week and it's getting thicker" and "i can't wait to taste you" and so on and so forth. i even told her that i was going to get a tattoo (which i really am planning to) on my back, and she loves the way my back looks and she typed out that if she was up here at my dorms then she would fuck me right then and there

so enough background on the week......finally friday came and so did the snow, it wsa starting to come down hard and i was hoping that her mom would be like "oh yeah take her tonight it's going to be horrible tomorrow and you might get snowed in" ...but she didn't. i waited until saturday when i was going over to my moms house and my mom picked me up and right after picked sam up. we went back to my house and we just relaxed, i had work to do but i couldn't give less of a fuck when i started. we all watched a nice little family movie (ice age) and afterward i went in my room to finally do work and of course sam followed right behind me.

we got into the room and i really did start working, although everything in my body just wanted to jump her, i just promised myself that i could wait. however i broke that promis in an hour, it started off as sweet kissing, the type that is slow and romantic yet i had this hard on a mile long. so i walked around to the side of the bed where she was ona nd she was like "what are you doing" and then i just took her hand and unsipped my pants and made her hold onto my cock, and her eyes widened and smiled from ear to ear. "ohhhhh my god" she said to me and i looked out my open door and my little oval window (which is about head height and you can see out into the living room where my parents were sitting watching some tv) i kept an eye out and looked at her as she moved foward and took my head into her mouth.

"i don't wanna get caught" she said to me and i just said "keep going i can see. don't worry about it"

she didn't worry at all, she satrted to pump my dick with her hand and bob her head up and down very qucikly and told me "i was looking foward to this all week"

THAT sent me into hyper mode, i grabed the back of her head and told her to "open wide" and proceeded to shove my dick as far down her throat as possible over and over again hearing her gag and moan on my dick letting her come up for split second gasps of air. i told her to jerk me off again and she did so looking at me, but i neede dher mouth on my cock so i tild her to suck it too. she must have loved me taking charge because her eyes lit up and she sucked and licked and even BIT my meat as if she was trying to devower it. my nuts started to tense up and i looked out the window to see no one moving. i told her to jerk me harder and faster and she worked me up til there was a nice creamy load cleaking down the back of ther throat. she was kind enough to make sure to keep jerking me off until she sqweezed out every last drop, and she swallowed it like it was candy.

i thanked her at least 20 times and was now all set to get back to work. i finally finsihed it up about an hour later and we went back out to be sociable and have our dinner. (good old fashioned chicken soup by the way.....there is nothin better fellas ;) )

my mother was feeling sick so she decided to pack it in early and so did my step father. so sam and i traveld back into the room and layed down kissing and feeling. then we heard someone come into the laundry room (which is also my bathroom) and start up some laundry. sam wanted me to take a shower with her, however that wasn't going to work with people traveling down off and on durring the whole thing. so i told her to go take one herself..get all nice and silky smooth for me because i LOVE how her pussy tastes after she gets out of the shower .

so she did so, she went in ther etakin a shoewr while i sat there and watched some tv. trying to look like i didn't wanna go inside there and fuck her. she came back out about 10 minutes later with just her wet hair, bras and panties. she sat down on the bed kind of casually, and looked at me as i got up and turned off the lights. i layed down next to her and all i could see was the outline of her face as she leaned foward and kissed me the same way that she did before. "do you want my panties off now?" she asked me and i told her "nahh....keep em on" and i pulled her on top of me and she straddled my dick with her pussy through her panties. she moved faster and faster as my dick kept getting harder and harder under her, i leaned foward siting up straight and kissed her soft D cups and undid her bra. i sucked on her nipples pulling and sucking on them as i lifted her up and put her on her back.

i sucked on her neck and slowly kissed my way to her lovely tits again, making sure that she squirmed under me. i felt her pushing her hips up against me begging for her pussy to have some attention, so i kissed down her tummy and pulled her panties to the side so i could taste her sweet soft lips i was loosing control, i bit and chewed on her pussy and she quivered and moaned out with pleasure istead of pain. so i started to pull and nibble on her harder and she cried out "omg" and bucked up into my face. i pulled and sucked on her until she came and i could feel her moisture dripping down my chin, but i wanted more of it. so i spread her legs as far as they could go and i DUG my face into her, using my chin and my lips and my tongue all at once pressing into her and drenching my face. she let out another MOAN and gasped as she let out another drenching orgasm. i kept it up until i thought she could take no more....and my cick was as hard as a rock.

slowly i moved foward and slid my cock insid her awaiting hole with her panties still just moved to the side. i moved in slowly at first, feeling her tight hole adjust to my new added gains. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" she kept on saying "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO BIG" she kissed me deeply letting me know that she wanted it i gave it to her. i started to pound her pussy until i let a steamy load off deep iside of her. i layed ther on top of her and she was alllllll smiles.

we layed there in the spoon position, and the feeling of her naked body pressed up with mine ALWAYS gets me going. so i started to feel her tits again, and quickly started to rub her pussy, she quikely responded by turning around and kissing me passiontaely as she grinded her pussy into my still hardening dick. i told her "you know it would help if you blew me" and she did so without hesitation. she worked me up to full erection again and slowly mounted my dick again. the thing was i could actually HEAR her stretch out. it was like a slight popping sound as she let out quick gasps. getting impatient she just slammed down her pussy onto my cock and she practically screamed from it. she fucked me wild!!! it was like a sid eof her that i have never scene. she kept me down by putting her hands on my chest and fuked my dick with abandon. she leaned foward and yelled "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD FUCK ME! " i pounded her faster and faster and soon i was going all out on her slamming my dick furiously into her as i pulled her down on top of it.

"OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM I'M GONNA CUM" she yelled out "KEEP GOING" i only sped up and i felt her CLENTCH down on my cock and i could feel her fluids dripping down my balls. this sent me off and i shot yet another huge shot of jizz into her sending her into ANOTHER climax. she just stayed there on top of me happy as could be and she said "i can't move" and i said "that's fine with me i'm sure we'll start up again"


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Originally posted by AncientChina

I just spent seriously an hour reading this whole post...I guess I am sort of slow. These stories kick ass and you are one lucky guy. Your girl seems to enjoy it fully and is quite the sport. Being in that type of relationship where the sex is great and the bond is just as great is good as well....Excellent stories.

thank ya :)

i'm seeing her again today so there might be another update ;)


heeyyy!!! whats the deal this is samzman's girl...fiancee rather...heh :s I'm totally new to this site and I'm planning to be here for a little while...maybe longer...dunno...:p

so yeah i'm just gonna be here to chill and talk and probly put u some more stories for everyone....hey i made up that really really REALLY long one...its the most recent one i think that zack put up there sOoOoOo:zzboner: yeah i'll probly give some tips nice like that....

yeah so the stories.....hehehehe....they are sooo true its not even funny....i can't even begin to tell you how excited i got when i read them (taking part in them is another story) hehehe:D

and one more thing before i go:



oh yeah...P.S..... i LOVE the smilies incase you didn't notice.

:censored: :banghead: :screaming :fight: :bomb: :band: :argument: :dropjaw: :biggun: :hammer: :confused: :D :blahblah: :bootyshak :allhail: lol :idea: :moon: :tomato: :yoyo: :rocker: :mudface: :shocking: :hanging : :secrets: :bouncings :blowjob: :finger: :hammering :blasting: :dance: :baby: :zzboner: rofl :spit:

see what i mean?

i'm crazy like that....crazier in bed too :-D



Holy Shit man
fukin hell ........... Samzman, u got a great babe there man
yo, show us some of ur pics man so we can see how sexy is she
the way u describ her is superb n now we wanna see dat ass n tight pussy man
get it up


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SeXy-King said:
Holy Shit man
fukin hell ........... Samzman, u got a great babe there man
yo, show us some of ur pics man so we can see how sexy is she
the way u describ her is superb n now we wanna see dat ass n tight pussy man
get it up

well we got a few. maybe we'll post em up. don't know