Shaft acne


I tend to get acne at the base of my shaft on the underside (where the shaft and sac meet), every now and then. It's not really like the yellow spots you get on your face. These are dull red and are right under the skin, causing more of a bump than a spot (i sometimes get these sorts of spots on the underside of my chin aswell).
It's usually only one spot which stays small most of the time and then, on random occasions swells up quite large (about 1cm / a 1/3 of an inch in diameter) and then goes down again after about a week.
It is very annoying and usually interupts my Pe routine.
Does anyone else get this or have any suggestions on how to get rid of /prevent it?


I want you to sugest to use a cream that contaigns an antibiotic,it helps to prevent infections and i think it is good for acnee too.Give it a try.
R u sure this is a pimple ? I had a bump kind of like you described, but it ended being a thrombosed vein. Might wanna check that out.


I'm pretty sure its a pimple.
But if it was a thrombosed vein, how would i find out?

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