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Jan 5, 2004
Hey everyone.

I've had sex with two girls in my life (I'm 21), both of them being long term relationships.

With my first girlfriend, we used condoms all the time and I had no problem lasting 25-30 minutes if need be.

With my current girlfriend, who is on birth control, I don't use a condom and can barely make it past the 10 minute mark most times.

It just feels so damn good (and she is really hot imo!)!!

So what could I do to change this? We've been having sex for 6 months, so I don't think its just about "getting used to it". Thanks for all your help!


Jun 4, 2003
You will have to pro-actively work on control, no question. Edging is good practice. Also, when you feel close to orgasm while having sex stop and switch to oral for a bit... she'll love it.

To me, it's like I can set a rhytHydromax and keep it up about as long as I want. BUT, when she starts wanting it hard & fast, I can't keep slamming it for very long without cumming - I have to slow down to hold it back.

Aug 23, 2003
Be happy you can last 10 minutes, LOL

A lot of men suffer from Penis Enlargement(premature ejaculation this time) and have a hard time lasting a minute, even with a condom . So don't feel bad about 10!

The best thing you can do is not worry about finishing, switching positions, slow it down, go down on her(women LOVE it if you randomly go down on them during sex).

Edging was also mentioned above. It's helped me be able to last as long as I want and when the cooch starts to get raw, finish anytime I want. Gives you great control.


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Jun 18, 2003
It's always when you're about to cum the girl wants to be pounded. But hey, she's on the pill so you don't have to worry about pulling out in time.

Some chicks don't like it when you stop fucking them and start eating 'em out, but you could try.

Changing the position might help. Sometimes if you feel yourself "getting close", changing positions may cause the sensations to "restart" and you gotta build it back up all over again.

Other than that... besides jerking off before sex you could always get drunk or high to help delay ejaculation.


Jun 3, 2003
-Firstly, teh vast majority of men cannot last past 5 minutes, so don't feel like you have the short end of the stock

-Secondly, try masturbating more. This will desensitive your dick and it will become accustomed to your hand.
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