Sex better with erection problems, say some study respondents


Jun 3, 2003
A Canterbury University study of men with erectile difficulties has shown that not being able to achieve an erection does not mean a limp love life.

In fact, many of the subjects - aged from their mid-30s to early 70s - said erectile difficulties actually improved their sexual experiences.

Canterbury gender studies researcher Tiina Vares told the Association of Gerontology's national conference how getting older affected heterosexual male sexuality.

"Some chose not to use Viagra because the alternatives were even better. A healthy normal sex life does not require a rock-hard erection or penetrative sex. Sexual activity can be pleasurable and even more so without that," Ms Vares said.

With researchers Annie Potts and Victoria Grace and psychologist Nicola Gavey from the University of Auckland, Ms Vares did a three-year study into the "socio-cultural implications" of Viagra and similar drugs, funded by the Health Research Council.

Many of the 33 men who took part in the study disagreed that penetration was the peak of sexual experience.

Ms Vares said the men spoke of sex as less selfish, more intimate, and generally better than before.

Sex in later years was about increased emotions - and even more experimentation to find other ways to please their partner.

One 66-year-old subject said: "I suppose it's like a good wine, it improves with age."
Sep 29, 2003
I actually would, because I would interpret this as the women saying;
"basically after he lost his regular erections he started making an effort in foreplay, learning to please me and ensuring i achieved orgasms. Before, he just fucked me and rolled over happy."


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Oct 25, 2003
doublelongdaddy said:
With researchers Annie Potts ....

Why are the Desinging Women doing erection research?
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