Sex addicts anonymous, does it really help?


Jun 5, 2003
Here's an e-mail i got sent one time:


If I had more holes...I'd have more friends!
Do you know that there is a 12 step program for just about everything? Well check your local papers... because I found one that is a great way to meet new friends... Sex Addicts Anonymous!
I really just went along for moral support... you know my slutty friend Tracey? Well she really needs some help. That girl just can not keep her pants on!
So Anyways, we were at a meeting, and the place was packed! We sat down next to this cute girl who introduced herself as Candy. She was so sweet and young, I couldn't even imagine that she'd have really seen that much action. But she said that she had a BIG problem. She can't sleep, she can't eat, she can't work... she just dreams about cock ALL DAY LONG. She said that she had to put up a Nasty Website just to support herself... and her habbit!
So we all sat through this boring meeting with people whining about how they just can't get enough sex... Listening to them cry about their extreme fetishes... Boo Hoo! Poor little Perverts!
That thing ran on for almost three hours! But when the meeting came to a close, And the counceler left, Candy turned to me and Tracey and said "Now the real fun begins..."
Candy got up, looked outside, locked the door, and turned on an old jukebox. Everyone got out of their seats and began stripping down, dancing, sucking and fucking. It was like a full on Hardcore Orgy... just for addicts!
This can't have been good for tracey and "her problem"! Oh, well! There is so much to tell you... I want you to hear every detail of my pussy pounding, rear ramming, clit licking, cock sucking adventure!
Ok...Where was I? Oh, Yeah! Everyone was stripping down and ready to fuck. Well, of corse Tracey beat me in that department. Her and Candy were already udressed, on the floor in position #69. Eating and fingering eachother's wet pussies in complete oblivian.
That's okay... I was going to find myself a man(or two). Unfortunately everyone else was otherwise involved! These freaks were fast! I wandered around and found a group that looked like they could use an extra player. There were 5 guys sharing one chick... layed out all over her like bees on honey. Lucky Bitch...
So I got in real close, pushing those guys aside and wiggling my way between her legs. Her cunt was dripping wet already, so I easly slid three fingers up her twat and nibbled on her erect clit. As I said, what I really wanted was a man... But I figured this was the best way to get their attention.
It wasn't long before one guy was laying under me, working my pussy real nice with his tongue, teeth, and fingers. I was on my knees, face buried deep in this chicks muff, The guy laying under me, between my legs, pleasuring me. Then another guy somehow got in back of me, lubed his fingers up with my cunt juice, and rubbed it up into my ass. I knew where this was going!
He spread my ass cheeks, and slowly poped his rim into my hole, working his way deeper and deeper inside me. Oh! Wow...It had been a while since I had a fat cock in my ass! I got so excited I bit the biches clit and she squealed.., pulling herself away from me...
All the better... Now my mouth was free to take another cock. Batter up! I spied a nice muscular hairy leg to my right, I grabbed it and pulled him in front of me. Shoving his trobbing tool in my mouth and deepthroathing him as I dug my nails into his ass cheeks.
I was in pure extacy. One guy at my twat, One guy in my ass, and Yet another in my Mouth. Pure Pleasure drilling in all three holes! I was getting dizzy from my multiple orgasms!
The first squirt of hot jiz I felt was on my back... his warm hands rubbing it into my skin. Then the guy who was in my mouth exploded... All over my face. I colapsed from sheer sexual exaustion on the cold tile floor.
When I woke up, Everyone was gone but Tracey and Candy. Seems they were tring to reveive me with some smelling salts... But I had just needed a little nap.
What a wonderful way to meet new friends! Can't wait to go back next week... Unfortunatley I never got to see any of those guys faces! How will I ever recognize them? No worry... Seems Tracey and Candy were snapping photos the whole time! Can't wait to see those exposures!