severe testicle problem?


After taking a shower recently, I noticed a long, thick redish/purplish line running across the sides of my testicles, all the way from one to the other. I wear the ROP, but I don't think this is the cause of it. Yesterday was the first day I'd Penis Enlargement'd in 4 days, but I never do any testicle work. Anyone know what the problem may be? There is no pain at all.
Those could just be your average blood vessels.

Mine get more pronounced post RoP wearing too, so that may be the case. Either way watch 'em for a while and if they change might be worth looking into with a more experienced eye...e.g. doctor.


I know for certain they're not my blood vessels, I think a vein may have ruptured in my sac area, it looks like a ruptured vein does in your penis shaft, only it's on my balls. Has any one had this happen to them, or know if this is the cause of it? I am scared shitless, though there is luckily no pain. HELP!!!


I got dark viens on my ball sack...if it doesn;t hurt i'd say thats what it is but if you are still not sure go and see a GP or a urologist (cock doc) asap...don;t be afraid.


Yeah best thing to do is Visit a urologist, but IMO theres nothing to worry about if there is no pain, besides fro that my balls have purplish veins ( they ar ein fact arteries) no need to worry just my amateaur opinon though.


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How do you think you got this injury? Is there any way you can send me a picture so I can see it first hand? There are many blood vessels and veins throughout the scrotum so a broken blood vessel, capillary or vein may very well have occurred. The best way to treat this problem is with testicle and scrotum massage.
Got red/purplish vein on my balls to, but it doesnt reveal that much. And doesnt feel anything, so i dont give a flying duck. :)
And i think, for you others that its nothing to worry about, the body itself can repair veins, and if their more red/purple then others it can be beacuase it more blood going thru there.

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