Serial killer ineligible for sex-change surgery


Jun 3, 2003
Serial killer ineligible for sex-change surgery
News Corporation |
"Triple murderer Paul Denyer's bid to become a woman has been rejected with a medical assessment finding him unsuitable for a sex change. Denyer, 31, was branded one of Victoria's most dangerous criminals after stabbing and strangling Elizabeth Stevens, 18, Debbie Fream, 22, and Natalie Russell, 17 in bayside Frankston over a seven-week period in 1993... Denyer, who stabbed and strangled three young women, now calls himself Paula and has begun moves to change his name by deed poll. The triple murderer describes himself on the back of one prison photograph as 'Miss Tickle Morticia.' ... Denyer told homicide squad detectives, who interviewed him after his arrest, that since he was 14 he had 'always wanted to kill.' When asked why his victims were women, he said: 'Just hate 'em.'"

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