Senate pissed off at CIA's redactions in WMD report


Jun 3, 2003
Senate pissed off at CIA's redactions in WMD report
"Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating prewar Iraq intelligence expressed displeasure Tuesday with CIA efforts to keep large parts of the committee's report secret... The Democratic vice chairman of the panel, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, said, 'Some of the things are just patently laughable... If they think they're going to suppress the report by doing this they're wrong'... Sen. Trent Lott, R-Mississippi, an expert on Senate rules and procedures, said the committee may decide to overrule the CIA and publicly release the bulk of the report by the end of the week. 'I don't think we can tolerate blanket redactions,' Lott said. 'They have to come to terms with the fact that we have to do a report and do it soon, and I'm going to vote to go forward.' According to sources, the report details serious failures by the intelligence community leading to the unsupported conclusion that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction."

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