Seducing the Party Girl


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Jun 3, 2003
The big question is how do we integrate all the tactics we have learned?

The big answer is practice, practice, practice.

I have failed many more times than I have succeeded and still get rejected or LJBFed sometimes, for I may have a good intellectual grasp of this stuff but I am definitely no seduction master! Well sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not. It depends on my mood and my target, I reckon.

I tend to have the best luck with party girls. It helps to be a DiscJockey and I admit it is an unfair advantage. So, in the spirit of fairness, I recently went out without my DJ social proof and had to tackle these chicks from the level of mere mortals.

Hope you enjoy the FR ...

It was Friday night and after a week of putting in overtime at the job, I was dying to get out and socialize. One of my buddies was DJing at a club that night so I decided to get dressed up for dancing. After a hot shower I blasted some De La Soul on my stereo as I dried off and threw on my black italian buttondown shirt with my grey linen pants and polished my black boots. Topped it all off with my black Kangol and I must say I was looking very sexy! Satisfied by my handsome reflection, I spritzed myself with some Kenzo and bounced to the club.

I got there early, because lately I enjoy an open dance floor and the opportunity to chat up the staff. Sometimes I make friends with the bartenders and they bless me with a few free drinks. So I just do my thang for a while till the place starts to fill up and I spot my first target of the evening.


She was short, tan and fit with shoulder-length black hair, exotic features and the round ghetto-booty for which I am a fiend. She was dressed to impress with a halter top that revealed her soft, yet defined abs and highlighted her luscious breasts. I am one picky guy but I had to hand it to honey. She was a straight up 10, and she knew it. I watched her dance with guys and then snub them if they got too close. (((WARNING :: WARNING :: ATTENTION HOE!))) I took mental notes and shifted my attention to a HB8 that just walked in.


I got my dance on with HB8 for a while. One of my favorite songs came on so I started doing fancier moves, spins etc. That's when HBLatina noticed me and started dancing closer. Ha!! As if I am dumb enough to play her games! I just ignored her and danced with another girl HB6 for a while. It was fun because HB6 was a good dancer and I upgraded her to a 7 for this. Every once in a while I spot HBLatina out of the corner of my eye and she is watching me.

THE OPenis EnlargementNER

The song ended and I finally turned to HBLatina and smiled at her. She smiled back and opened ME, asking if she knew me from somewhere. I told her it was possible since I was a such a legendary party guy. We chat for a minute and then I spotted a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a while so I just left her there to greet my boy.


Hours passed and I had a great time. I danced with almost every girl in the club and got a few numbers for the hell of it. A girl I had flirted with last weekend was there and I got a nice make-out session by the bar. I pulled away from the kiss and noticed HBLatina was staring at us. I shot her a wink and turned around since my friend behind the bar bought me a drink. She comes over to the bar to order herself a Whiskey & Coke and stands right next to me. So I invite her to an afterhours party my friend is spinning at. I was about to give her directions when her friend offered us a ride. I was like "cool" and we bounced.


On the way to the party we got lost so there was time for us to talk. Well, she actually did most of the talking and started spilling her life story to me. It was weird because whenever I would respond to her, she would just ignore me and keep talking. Yup, definitely an attention hoe! I just listened and nodded politely the whole time. At least her story was interesting.


So we finally get to the jam and it is packed. My boy showed up with a few of his percussionist friends and they invited me to play with them. I have taken an interest in percussion lately and have gotten pretty good on the congas. So I jam with them for a while and HBLatina is dancing for us, sticking her ass in our faces, the whole nine yards. I finish playing and decide to lamp out on the couch and roll a little joint for myself. HBLatina slides next to me and tries to take off my Kangol. Pfffft! This chick is delusional!


She gets flustered when I don't let her wear it. I tell her I never let strangers wear my gear and besides how do I know she doesn't have dandruff or lice? She laughs at this and still persists, hoping I would change my mind. I don't. So she gives up and goes off to dance. I smoke a little bit of the joint and clip it because I don't like to get too blasted and I wanted to dance some more.


The music is really good so I roll over to HBLatina and start to dance with her. I don't touch her at all, merely follow the flow of her movements so we are synchronized and I toss a few spins into the mix. She is loving the attention of course and we both have a good time. I get thirsty and decide to grab a drink. I forgot about her when I met some more friends and chatted for a while before I went back to the couch and started playing congas again.


HBLatina sits next to me and asks if she can play. I ask her if she knows how and she insists that she does, being Cuban and all. So I tell her to take her rings off first and then I let her play a few bars and she is TERRIBLE. I even try to give her a quick lesson, but she really has no skills, so I tell her she sucks and cut her off from conga privileges. She tries to pout and get her way but I don't let her and tell her she is annoying me and she finally leaves.

NOTE: Normally I wouldn't be this big of a prick with such a fine young lady, but this girl needed to be taught a lesson. I could tell she was used to having guys obey her every whim and I was not about to play that role!


I leave the dancefloor and hit up the chill-out lounge to smoke the rest of my clip. I run into one of my boys and he warns me about HBLatina, saying she is the worst cocktease he has ever met. I assure him that I am the one teasing her and he just laughs at me, shaking his head.


He went off to get drunk so I sat down and sparked my joint. HBLatina showed up again. She sat next to me and asked if she could have a puff. I just looked at her with a deadpan expression for a few seconds before I said, "First you want my hat, then you want my drums, and now you want to smoke. Who do you think you are that you deserve all these things?" She pulls closer to me and wraps her leg around my thigh. I just look at her leg for a second and raise an eyebrow as I ask if she is comfortable. Her face was priceless! She didn't know what to do with herself so she took her leg off of me and asked again, saying she hadn't smoked in ages and the chronic was smelling so good. I decide to have mercy on her, but not without teasing her a bit more.


I take a puff and eye her for a minute before I wordlessly pass it to her. She gets all happy and puts her leg back on me. As she passes the joint back I start massaging her leg and she is loving it. She asks where I learned massage and I tell her I am faking it and dont really know anything about massage. I give her the sly grin as I slide my hand to her back and give her neck a quick rubdown. She lets out a slight moan and I stop abruptly. She begs me to continue. I don't. She says I am the meanest person she has ever met. I tell her she is lucky she got anything from me.


So she decides to pull out all the stops and says she will give me a handjob for a massage. I laugh at her and politely decline. She tells me she likes me and wants to fuck. (her exact words) I tell her I don't believe her. She insists that she wants some action so I tell her talk is cheap and to prove it by coming home with me right now. This shuts her up so I leave her there to go dance some more.


She sees me dancing with my friends but I ignore her completely. I can tell it is driving her crazy! I work up a bit of a sweat and decide to head outside for some air. HBLatina follows me and asks if I am leaving. I told her I was going to pretty soon and she was welcome to join me. She started freaking out saying that she really did not want to have sex and she was just a flirty person etc etc. I told her to relax and that I was not the one who brought up sex. I went on to say that I am a natural, chilled out guy who likes to go with the flow so let's not think about what we will or will not do to each other. At the very least, she could just enjoy one of my massages (as long as I got one in return). I gave her neck another rub to anchor my proposition.


She was still unsure and said she needed more incentive. She got all close to me so I took the hint and closed in for a kiss. We went at it slowly and passionately until I pulled away. She was in a breathless daze as she asked for seconds. I just looked right in her eyes in silence for a few seconds before closing in slowly again. This time as I drew her closer, I ran my hands up and down her back and neck, caressing her. She got into it and we made out more intensely with ass-grabbing and all that funstuff until I pulled away again. She asked for thirds but I denied her, saying she would have to get it on the way to my crib. We ended up calling a cab because her friend wanted to stay and party some more. The taxi arrived and we sped off into the approaching dawn.


All I could think to myself was "YES! my first 10! I am the fucking Mack tonight!" as we pulled up to my crib. But it all fell apart on me when she told me she wanted to go home. My heart sunk in my chest and I was like "Damn, I am such a chump. I can't even defeat this last minute resistance. FUCK! I knew it was too good to be true!" But I didn't let my disappointment show at all. I turned to the cab driver and was in the middle of telling him he needed to make a second stop, when she interrupted me and said she would come up to my place. Another shit test? Guess I passed it!

We got upstairs and she attacked me in the hallway, kissing and grabbing me all over and I told her to chill because I needed a shower first. She invited herself along and

The rest is history.



I don't think I have ever done as many takeaways in a single pickup. But this chick was a raging attention fiend so I had to pull some drastic shit. It's funny because throughout this exchange, I never once thought to myself "Oh, this is where I will do a takeaway" or "Oh, I think she needs a few neg hits" I just did what felt natural, something that makes me laugh because this was NEVER natural for me.

Writing this report had me smiling because it's only AFTER the fact that I realize the mechanics behind the flow. I wrote the whole thing out at once and then went back to see what I did right and found that just about all of my moves were textbook, hence all the subtitles.

It wasn't always this way. A lot of times a chick would shit test me and five minutes later I would slap myself in the head because I realized what she was doing. But with practice, my reaction time got better. Experience is the master of all teachers!

This pickup was actually easy for me because it only lasted a few hours and I really didn't care if we hooked up. I just wanted to show her that her tricks would not work on me, hence the whole "dont give a fuck" attitude that would eventually hook her.

Aug 23, 2003
Yeah, girls love the hard to get types. Its the art of reeling them in without losing them thats the hard part.


Jun 11, 2003
Great read. Typical hottie story, they think they can get anything they want by showing a bit of sex appeal, but when they can't get what they want they want it even more!


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Sep 26, 2003
just reading your story was really inspiring for me. I've really been working on things myself in the last few months and your story had some great advise for me as well as letting me know that I'm doing some things right. THanks for a great story,



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Dec 5, 2003
Man this a inspiration bro. Everytime I go out to a club or party I am going to read this before I go!!! Everytime, thats a promise!! Thanks so much!
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