Search continues for serial killer victims


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Jun 3, 2003
Search continues for serial killer victims
Reuters UK |
"A suspected French serial killer, dubbed the Ogre of the Ardennes after officials said he confessed to nine murders, has led police to his old chateau in the woods to dig for bodies of a woman and girl. Earth-movers turned up soil at two spots in the vast grounds of the Sautou chateau aided by directions from Michel Fourniret, 62, a former forest warden who officials say started to confess this week after his estranged wife denounced him... Belgian public prosecutor Anne Thily gave a chilling report on Wednesday of Olivier's accusations against Fourniret. 'He would say to his wife "I'm going out hunting. So there you have it. I'm going out and you know very well that it means I am going to look for young girl, pretty, maybe virgin,"' Thily said. 'Then he brought her home, kept her two or three days, raped her... and then strangled her.'"