Saying Hello, Thanks, and a couple Questions


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Aug 31, 2003
Hello all,

THANK YOU DLD!!! And all the other great contributors here! This forum is an awesome wealth of information. Appreciate the humor, encouragement, and non-judgemental feel as well. DLD, I will join your site and support what you are doing for everyone just as soon as $ allows! Honestly. I didn't find this site until after I joined another so will have to wait a bit.

Now the questions...

I am wondering about LOT. Tell me if I am understanding correctly. I stood, lightly gripped just behind the head of cock, pulled it straight up toward my chin and flexed my PC. I repeated this all the way around the clock positions. I noticed a disticnt twitch, or jerk, or bounce, or however I would describe it each time I flexed my PC. Is that LOT? I feel the twitch and nearly all locations but it seems to be strongest from 9-3 and weakest from 6-9. Is that a cursory indication that I can gain in length from lig stretching ?

At this time I am not looking to get massive, just "bulk up " a bit. I have a nice shaped and visually attractive penis. It currently measures (NBP) just under 6x4.25" and I would like to get that up to around 7+x5.5-6" I would also like to increas my flacid size. I have no trouble getting erections (in fact I'm concerned about getting through routines...LOL) and usually have very powerful orgasms. I have reasonable staying power and if I keep my wits can last awhile. But it often requires concentration. The head of my penis is extremely sensitive so if I am not careful I can cum all too quickly. So I am looking both to increase size and increase staying power without having to stay so focused.

My wife is on board fully. She is very satisified now and really doesn't want me to get too big (her-Ex was huge) but is being supportive of my desires. She thought at first that I felt inadequate and I explained that I don't really but would like to try and achieve some more potential. So off we go!

Look forward to learning and interacting with you all. I intend to start a light workout routine tomorrow and build up from there.

Thanks again!


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Jun 3, 2003
LOT stands for Loss Of Tugback. When you stretch out and kegal the postion you no longer feel tugback or it is at it's very weakest that is you LOT.

If you have an LOT of 6 'o clock stretch your tunica. Meaning you should pull upwards.


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Jun 4, 2003
I'm sure you'll get there in no time!

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