Sausage king possibly just acting crazy


Jun 3, 2003
Sausage king possibly just acting crazy
Oakland Tribune |
"Triple-murder defendant Stuart Alexander coated himself with feces, ate paint chips, flooded his cell and dropped his pants in front of a chaplain to feign insanity, a prosecutor implied Tuesday at the death-penalty trial... prosecutor Jack Laettner portrayed 43-year-old Alexander as a conniving killer whose loony antics behind bars were part of a 'scam' meant to trick jurors into letting him off the hook in the capital case... Alexander's jailhouse behavior in the years after his arrest included attacking a television, drinking toilet water , banging walls, responding in nonsensical sign language to staff, refusing to see psychiatrists and smearing feces on his clothing and in his hair. Alexander once dumped out a jail trash can on the floor and ran around naked, Laettner informed Watson. Alexander reportedly confided to a girlfriend he was acting mad behind bars to strengthen his defense, according to the prosecutor."

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