Sausage King on trial for allegedly killing meat inspectors


Jun 3, 2003
Sausage King on trial for allegedly killing meat inspectors
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"Charlotte Knapp, a dental assistant who said she had an 'on-again, off-again' relationship with [Stuart Alexander] for three years before he was arrested for the deaths of three inspectors on June 21, 2000, said Alexander, 43, frequently used profanities to describe inspectors who came to his facility, the Santos Linguisa Factory. Knapp said, 'On many occasions he said he would go "bang, bang bang, bang!" and the last bullet would be for himself.' She testified that he told her if he ground up the inspectors and made sausages out of them, 'no one would know'... [Alexander] told her only two weeks before the inspectors were killed that he could get away with killing somebody because all he would have to do was call famous defense attorney Johnny Cochran, who represented O.J. Simpson, and plead insanity. In addition, Knapp said that one time when they were alone at the sausage factory, Alexander told her, 'I could do away with you and nobody would know.'"

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