Nov 3, 2003
Last Saturday the wife and I hadsome friends over- Another couple about our age- late 20s. The guy, Tim, and I have known each other for awhile at work and so we decided to get together with the wives and relax.
My wife had spent the better part of the afternoon cooking a really nice meal and had taken a break to shower and freshen up when Tim and Marcy rang the doorbell. I shook Tim’s hand and welcomed them into the house, trying not to stare at Marcy’s 5’2” frame and bountiful breasts as they walked past me into the living room. She smelled like peaches. “Have a seat, make yourselves at home,” I said. “Connie will be right out; she wanted to freshen up before y’all arrived.” We sat and made small talk for a few minutes while we waited on my wife. Despite Tim’s persistence, I tried not to talk shop , as I really didn’t want to leave Marcy out of the conversation. With her short cut-off denim skirt and her low-cut tropical patterned blouse Marcy was a breath of warm, sweet, fresh air. Her thick, shoulder length black hair, olive complexion, and green eyes gave away her Hispanic heritage. Tim was a red-haired IrisHydromaxan, and seeing the two together was enough to make most people scratch their head.
Only a couple of minutes had past when Connie came around the corner. Even after 6 years of marriage, the sight her can sometimes still take my breath away. This was one of those times. She had put on a pair of shortest shorts and a light pink, button up top that was almost popping open from the pressure of her large breasts. Being half Hawaiian, half white, Connie was a show stopper. Her large brown eyes and nicely tanned legs were sensational, and standing a petite 4’11”, she was a wet dream for a lot of men. I saw both Tim and Marcy’s eyes linger a bit longer than normal at Connie when I introduced her. We made our way into the dining room where I helped Connie put the meal on the table. It wasn’t long before we had all eaten our fill and were ready to relax to the living room for a drink; we talked about playing a game. I went to the kitchen to make some drinks for the four of us, but I was unable to locate the liquor. “Connie, have you seen the Jack?” I called into the living room. Connie came in to help me look, but then I remembered we had ran out a couple of weeks back. Connie and I are not heavy drinkers by any stretch and neither of has thought to replenish our stock.
“I guess I’ll have to go get some,” I said. “Maybe Tim will want to ride with me.”
“Honey, why don’t you let me and Marcy go? It will give us a chance to get to know each other, and it will give you and Tim a chance to relax. I know you’ve had a tough week.” The closest place to buy booze was “the river,” a little strip just across the county line; it was about 45 minutes away.
“Well, let’s see what Tim and Marcy think,” I replied.
Marcy was all too eager to ride with Connie to the river. “I’ve never been,” she said.
Tim looked a little relieved to not have to make the trip, and, honestly, I was too.
I think Tim and I were each staring at the other’s wife as they said goodbye and headed out. No sooner than the door had shut we had the TV on a baseball game and started talking shit about the slackers at work.
The girls hit it off. They were talking it up all the way to the river, telling stories about us husbands…how we did this and didn’t do that around the house. They were really starting to gripe about us guys when Connie said, “…and he always wants to have sex. I mean shit, if it were up to him I never get a night off.”
Soon the girls were swapping dirty little secrets about mine and Tim’s sexual predilections. The new found friends were quickly shedding their shyness as kinky details started flying. Then Marcy let it slip, “Really, Tim is great, but I wish he were a little bigger…you know…I mean he’s not small, but--”
“Yeah, I know,” Connie related. “Same here. I mean, things are great, but sometimes when we watch a movie, I really wonder what it must feel like to be with a guy who has a really big... you know, penis.”
The sparkle in Marcy’s eye told Connie they were on the same page. Both girls were feeling a little flush when they topped the last rise and saw the lights of the liquor store . They crossed the county line and pulled into the parking lot, the sound of the gravel crunching beneath the tires.
Connie was the first to realize what was wrong.
“Shit, I left my purse at the house. I’m really sorry, but do you mind getting the drinks? I’ll give you the money when we get back.”
Marcy replied, “Don’t worry about; I don’t mind at all.” She turned to get her purse when she realized she had not brought hers either.
Being 45 minutes from their money at home, the girls were bewildered.
“It’s 9:45. If we hurry, it will take us an hour and a half to get back here with the money, but this place closes at 11.” Connie looked to Marcy for the answer. “I don’t think we can make it without speeding, and if I get another ticket, I’ll get killed when I get home,” my wife said.
“The guys are going to be really disappointed,” Marcy replied. “Let’s go in and see if the person working will let us call home and get a credit card number and charge it.”
Connie had no better idea, so the two girls went inside. The place was dead empty as Marcy grabbed some wine, and Connie found a big bottle of Jack. They set their items on the counter and the man behind the counter rang up the purchase.
“That’ll be $63.40,” the cashier replied. His nametag said, Welcome to River Joe’s Liquor, My name is MARCUS?” He was looked to in his late forties, over six feet tall, had to weigh at least 250, and was as black as the night.
“Where is everyone?” Connie asked shyly, trying to be pleasant.
“They at the softball tournament in Whitten, I reckon,” replied Marcus. “It was real busy ‘bout 4 this afternoon. Will that be cash or charge ma’am?”
“Well, charge I guess,” Marcy said. “But we left our money at home. Can we give you a credit card number to charge it to?” Her soft green eyes and full, pouting lips were impossible to say ‘no’ to, and Marcy knew it.
“Naw,” replied Marcus. “We gots to see ID on credit cards.”
“Fuck!” Connie mumbled.
Marcus looked almost as disappointed as Connie and Marcy.
“Is there anything we can do? Run a tab, something?” Connie asked. “We live 45 minutes away and we can’t get back here with our money before you close. There are people at home waiting for us to come back with the drinks.”
Marcus hollered behind the girls to the back of the store , “Donnie, can you come up here for a few minutes?” What appeared to be a young stockboy came up to the register.
“Donnie, cover the front for me for a few, I be back shortly,” Marcus told the young man.
“Ladies come back here for a minute and we see what we can do so you don’t have to go home empty handed.” Marcus pulled a curtain back that served as a door to a stockroom behind the register area.
Marcy and Connie looked at each other with reluctance. “I don’t know,” Connie said quietly to Marcy.
“He seems nice enough, let’s see what he’s got to say,” her new friend replied. Marcy took Connie’s hand and they followed Marcus’s gesture into the room behind the curtain.
Suddenly there girls were standing in a thick cloud of cigar smoke. There was a card table in the middle of the room with another older black gentleman sitting there with a set of dominoes in front of him. He looked up and then glanced past the girls and looked curiously at Marcus.
“Dub, these ladies came a long way to buy some drink, but they left they monies at the house. Is there anything we can do?”
“Well, I reckon they is, Marcus,” Dub said in his deep, black voice. “You ladies interested working a deal?” He smiled.
Connie glanced at Marcy. “Ummm, I think we will be OK without the drinks,” she replied, now realizing what the two men had in mind.
Connie, still holding Marcy’s hand turned hastily to head back out to the front when she ran right into Marcus’s big chest and bounced a step back. She was trying to avoid making eye contact with him and so she looked down at the floor. Her gaze was interrupted by a huge bulge in the front of Marcus’s pants, and her mind drifted back to the conversation she and Marcy had on the way to the store . She glanced over to Marcy and saw that she, too, was staring at the front of Marcus’s pants.
“Now you ladies can leave if you want; we ain’t bad folk. But if you want to take that booze with ya’ we is willing to make sure you enjoy ya’selfs,” Marcus said in a kindly voice.
Connie thought to herself that she had always wanted to see a really big cock in real life. She thought that if she and Marcy could get away with giving these guys a handjob in exchange for the drinks everyone would be happy: Dub and Marcus would get off, Connie and Marcy would get to see Marcus’s large bulge and get to go home with the booze, and the guys at home would get their drinks and relaxation and never be the wiser. Connie turned to Marcy and could see by the look in her eye that they were once again on the same page.
“Well, maybe we can stay for a minute,” Connie said softly, shyly, to Marcus. A big grin spread across his face.
Dub walked over to Marcy, but her eyes were still fixed on Marcus’s crotch. Dub reached out and took Marcy’s hand and led her over to the table. “Let’s have a seat for second,” he said. They sat down and both turned to see what Connie was doing with Marcus.
“I’ve never seen a black man before,” Connie said quietly. “I mean not down there.” She undid Marcus’s belt and unbuttoned the top of his jeans. As she slowly slid the zipper down, she saw the emerging thickness of the base of his dark shaft. She stared as he reached in and pulled out his semi-firm phallus. His cock was huge; the bulge she had seen had not even been a hint. He had to be at least 7 inches long and it was really fat. She took it in her hand and was amazed at how heavy and dense it felt. She felt a moist warmth in her midsection as she slowly began to stroke his cock. She knew that in its current state it was bigger than what she was used to getting at home, and it was getting fuller and longer with each gentle, awkward stroke.
Within a minute or so Marcus was fully hard. His cock stood out a full 9 inches and was nearly as thick as a soda can. Connie was amazed. Her strokes had become rhytHydromaxic and she looked back at Marcy. Marcy was wide-eyed at the sight before her. Marcus’s pole was huge, even compared to his hulking black body, but next to the diminutive half-Hawaiian it looked titanic. Connie couldn’t resist any longer and she dropped to her knees and began licking the head of the massive meat stick before her. She knew it would never fit in her mouth. But then Marcus put his huge hands behind her head and guided the tip into her parting lips. With gently force he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Connie’s jaw ached from being stretched open so wide and she quickly pulled back. A thin stream of pre-cum glistened from her lips to tip of his dick. It was too big, but felt excited by the size of it. He pulled her up and led her over to the table.
When Connie turned toward the table she saw that Marcy now had Dub’s cock in her hand. It was every bit as big, if not a little bigger than Marcus’s. Connie felt Marcus’s huge hands reach around her and undo her shorts; they dropped to the floor and she nervously stepped out of them. Being a grown woman, she knew what was coming, although she had no idea how on God’s earth it was ever going to work. She liked the thought, but couldn’t imagine how Marcus’s thick member would ever fit in her.
Marcus reached down and pulled Connie’s panties off. They easily tore apart under the strength of his huge arms and chest. He picked her up, all 98 pounds of her and sat her on the edge of the card table. He turned to see Marcy opening wide. She was able to take Dub’s head plus another inch or two into her wet mouth, and although her mouth looked to be stretched to the maximum, she looked to be enjoying it.
Marcus turned back to Connie and began to unbutton her light pink top. Her large breasts fell fully and naturally when the last button was undone and the shirt came open. Marcus gently laid her down on her back and watched her heavy breasts settle nicely to the sides her tiny frame. He put her legs up and pulled her bottom to edge of the table and positioned the head his cock at her wet little slit.
“Wait,” Connie pleaded.
“I won’t hurt you,” Marcus said as his reached up to his mouth, took a handful of spit, and rubbed it all over the head of his log. He began to push and realized it might not fit in this tiny Island girl.
Connie saw Marcus wet the end of his huge pole with his own spit and felt him begin to press it against the opening to her tiny pussy. She was scared and excited. She looked over and saw Marcy sucking the head Dub’s massive sausage, but Marcy’s eyes were wide and staring at Marcus’s battering ram, poised to break down Connie’s frail door. Connie felt like she was going to rip in half as Marcus forced the head of his thick cock into her. With just the head in, she felt fuller than she ever had. Slowly Marcus pulled out and again put as much spit he could muster onto his dick. He pushed back into her opening and this time was able to go about an inch deeper. Taking slow, calculated thrusts, he eventually worked all nine, thick inches into Connie’s taxed pussy. She gripped the edge of the table so hard her knuckles were white. She felt like somebody was parking a car in her cunt. She was wet, thankfully, but it still hurt as Marcus pushed deep and stretched every internal membrane in her tiny, delicate pussy. The pain was real, but she liked it. She couldn’t believe how full her pussy felt. She looked over at Marcy who was now straddling Dub like a cowgirl as he leaned back in his chair. Marcy was barely getting half his cock inside her, going up and down gingerly, when Dub reached up and put a hand on top of each of her shoulders and forced Marcy all the way down on his long, fat prick. Marcy let out a yelp and her eyes were as wide as golf balls. She began taking long up and down strokes, taking every thick inch into her with every stroke.
Marcus began pounding his meat really hard into Connie and she felt like she might be ripping a little…or a lot. She felt like she was losing her virginity all over again, but this hurt even more. The difference now, was that she relished the feeling. Connie felt like her tonsils were getting knocked around as Marcus pounded every inch home with every thrust. Her creamy, tan skin was smooth and soft and contrasted with the darkness of Marcus’s body. His thick, dark shaft was stretching her tiny pink opening to its limit, maybe beyond. He began to rub her swollen, exposed clit and rather quickly she found her head swirling as she was squealing from an intense orgasm. No sooner than she was done did Marcus pull his huge rod out and pull her to him, positioning himself to cum on her face.
“Open your mouth,” he gasped as her firmly held his bulging, swollen dick.
Connie was unable to resist as she saw his massive meat pole was swollen even larger than before. She opened her mouth just in time to receive four thick stream of Marcus’s cum. Several smaller spurts followed and her petite mouth was unable to hold it all. Some dribbled down her chin and on to her plump breasts.
“Don’t swallow,” Marcus said. “You gonna share with your friend.”
Connie looked over and saw that Marcy was now on her back on the floor getting split with Dub’s huge log. She couldn’t believe how big it was and how stretched Marcy’s pussy was. Connie dropped onto all four and crawled over to where Marcy lay. Connie positioned her mouth over Marcy’s and looked down to see a tear flow from her friends eye as her face contorted with each of Dub’s massive thrusts. It was clear that she was in some pain, but the smile made it clear that she loved every huge inch of the fucking she was getting.
Then Marcus was above them, on his knees. His massive shiny cock was swinging like a huge oak branch. “Open up girl, you thirsty, remember.”
Connie and Marcy looked into each other eyes. Marcy opened her pouty Hispanic lips and Connie let go of Marcus’s huge load that had been swirling in her mouth. A little spilled onto Marcy’s cheek and ran down her face, but nearly all went into her mouth, and Marcy swallowed every drop.
Connie fell back and spread her legs. Her pussy ached like she had been fucked by a freight train. She reached down to feel and her pussy felt more open than she could ever remember. One look over at Marcus’s horse dong was all she needed to understand why. She pulled her hand away and noticed a little blood on her fingers. He had ripped her open some, and she knew she would be feeling this for a couple of days.
Just then Connie heard Dub groan. She looked up to she him thrust hard and deep. Marcy let out another tiny yelp and another small tear ran down her cheek and mixed with some of Marcus’s spilled milk. Dub bucked a couple of time and Connine knew he was filling poor little Marcy with his seed.
“Come here,” Dub said to Connie and gently pulled over to him. “Your friend don’t need to go home all full of my cum. You need to help her out.”
In one motion Dub pulled his freakishly huge tool from Marcy’s abused pussy and pushed Connie’s head down onto Marcy’s muff. As he pulled out, a thick glog of white sperm spilled out of her red hole and down into her but crack. Connie could see that there was a little blood mixed in with Dub’s jizz. Marcy had been ripping some too. Connie began lapping and sucking, tasting and swallowing every salty, coppery drop of Dub’s blood streaked goo. As she sucked at Marcy’s hole, she felt Dub ease behind her and push his massive meat into her from behind. She gasped as he bottomed out against her cervix. Despite the fact that his erection was fading he filled her up. She glanced up to see Marcy cleaning off Marcus’s thick pole with her wet tongue.
The two girls finished cleaning up after each other and dressed. Dub, still naked, sat back down in his chair as Marcus led the ladies back out to the front. Marcy was unable to take her eyes off Dub’s huge limp dick as she left the room.
Out front Donnie had their wine and whiskey bagged up for them. Marcus carried the bags out to Connie’s car, and only said, “Come back and see us,” as the girls gingerly lowered themselves into their seats. The drive home was pretty quiet as Connie and Marcy only talked briefly about the story they would stick to. They had flat. Simple as that. Took a little while to get it changed.
When they arrived back at our house, Tim and I were glad to see them.
“Was everything OK?” I asked.
“Sorry, we had a flat,” Marcy said to me as she walked by me.
“Well, I meant because Tim and I noticed you both left you purses here.”
I thought I caught a brief nervous glance between the girls, but Connie just smiled and said everything had been fine. Tim looked a little confused when Marcy informed me that, luckily, she had had some money with her.
We all visited the rest of the evening. Tim and I were amazed at how well and quickly our wives hit it off. We’ve all made plans to get together again next weekend, and Connie and Marcy have volunteered to run out to the river and get the drinks…crazy girls.
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Oct 11, 2003
Good story man yeah!
I really hope to grow into one of those one day!