Feb 16, 2004
Start: 3/13/04
T/Th/Sa: 20 mins. jelqing (blue burners :p ) followed by 10 mins. cold water directly on the groin from snake showerhead.

S: 7.5x5 G: 9x6, not a really a stopping point, but pretty much an intermediary i guess, where id be pretty happy with myself.

thats about it, based in ideas about stimulating growth, recovery, and micortears and what not.

outside of this i place an emphasis on eating right (enough good fat, protein, antioxidants and so on and watch the sat. fat, cholesterol, and not too much carbs), getting vitamins, sleep, and staying consistent with my other workouts.

i know it seems a bit abbreviated, but if i thought id see better and quicker results with more id defintely do it, plus i should be able to stay the most consistent with this considering i dont always live by myself.

i kind of base it in my lifting routine when i first committed to building mass i went from about 160 to 180 in about 8 weeks lifting 45- 60 min M/W/F with 5 basic lifts around 90% of my maxes and eating better. it also taken from other routines ive read of 10-15 min sessions 5 or 7 days a week that produced good gains.

after 20 mins. of solid jelqing i really engorge the penis so i figure taking the same ideals and (since i consider the growth of tissue similar) applying them to jelqing should produce considerable gains by allowing for good and sufficient recovery after intense sessions.

i would like to hear what you guys think.

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