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Oct 28, 2003
Hi guys

I have a question for you. I will try to do a different routine from now on. I am thinking about doing just dry jelqs in my routine, because they work better for me. I just dont like the mess and I am keeping my erection for jelqing more easier with the drys. I know that wet jelqs give you length too not just girth, but for length I would do good ole DLD blasters. My routine would look something like that:
5 min warm up
10 min DLD blasters
15 min dry jelqing with compression squezes in betwee like every 100 jelqs
5 min warm down
Can you give me some feedback on this idea. What gains can I expect from this routine.
(sorry for my bad English, but its hard to concentrate because I was drunk as a skunk last night LOL)

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Nov 4, 2003
first off, gains vary depending on genes and such fancy things. Nowadays I don't really care if I gain because I know i'll never stop with Penis Enlargement, who would wan't to quit and think "damn, I would've had a massive cock right now" the rest of their lives? not me! :)

the routine looks good, I had a similiar routine when I started but I made the huge mistake of undertraining girth so I didn't gain anything for about 2 months, Just make sure you kill your cock (not literally) and you'll be fine ;) :bottumsup
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