Routine for length specifically?


Can somebody recommend a routine that will help me gain some more length ? I've been Penis Enlargementing for over a year now and am trying to get over 7" bone pressed. I'm just under 7" and about 5.8" girth. I really want length more than girth right now. I've just been doing 5-10 minutes of stretches (A-strech, bundled , other manual stretches ) and then around 5 supra slammers. I do so little because I don't have a lot of time or privacy (high school student living with parents). I could probably get a little time to do a few more supra slammers. This summer I'll have more time, so could someone give me some advice or a routine or what to add for now and also for during the summer? Thanks.


I hang while playing video games at my computer. I'm lucky enough to have multiple computers in my house and one in the basement where no one goes except me. If you want to hang I'd suggest if you have your own room to set something up in there where u can do homework or watch tv while you hang.

you can also do manual stretches under your sheets at night or while in the shower under warm water (works great)


Dude, nothing beats Penis Enlargement in a car while you're driving! I used to do that on the way to my girlfriend's house. Do a few Ulis and Horses during the 20 minute drive I had. Good stuff. You can also jelq in the shower and take multiple bathroom breaks to stretch . You'll work something out.
I say start out stretching more. I don't have that much privacy either (living with my girlfriend) so I sneak in my stretching in the morning and at night when I brush my teeth and stuff. That way I get in 5-10 min of good stretching (do some Kegels while you actually brush your teeth) twice a day. If you do that you'll double your workout time without much hassle.

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