ROP and Powder, Bad Mix?


I use gold bonds powder down in my genitals area. It's Florida, hot as hell and I'm very active, so I tend to sweat alot, especially down there. I'm just wondering if the powder will effect the ROP in anyway? Powder is Zinc Oxide 1% and Menthol .15%. Can I keep usin this? Or should I find another way to prevent chaffing and stuff down there?
im in florida as well and have used it occasionally.
one time i used it i developed a rash of sorts in the area where the rop is worn and i wasnt sure whether it was rop or the powder as i had just gotten the rop.
as far as now goes,i believe it was the rop and not the powder as once in a while i still get these and have to constantly switch sides of the rop so as not to turn a rash raw

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