Righty or Lefty?


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How many of us uses the same hand everytime for stretching ? I always use my right hand (since I'm right-handed). I think my right forearm is a little bigger now just because of Penis Enlargement. Whenever I try using my left hand, it just doesn't work.
I'm left handed, but I'm comfortable stretching with either arm. I use both, as I do many of my stretches bundled and have found that using only one arm to do bundled stretches feels as if it limits the effectiveness of the workouts.


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I'm right handed but I use my left hand to stretch . For some reason it just doesn't feel right when I stretch using my right hand.


I am actually left handed when i write, though everything else i seem to do better with my right..

with pe i use them equally though i get a better stretch with my right hand.


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I am ambidexturous [think thats right???] I use both hands for anyhting mostly.
Weird thing is I CAN NOT eat with my right hand like most do....it has tobe my left..always has been....while my right is my punch fist [hardest] and yet I can use both to pull and stretch real well.


Right-handed here, but this is for coordination purposes only. My left was always stronger and I like it much more to us it to stretch or for a Uli ASO.
My left punch is stronger too but better used in combination with the right first to slow down the target cause the left is just so damned uncontrolled.
I used the left-right-combo quite often when I was young;)


I use both too!!!! I think it helps balance the stretches .

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