reverse kegel Q, all abs??????


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Hey guys...I know this will probably be redundant for alot of you all and there have been many posts on the subject...I just want to make sure I got this right. I've been kegeling for a while now so that's not a problem. but this reverse kegel is new. I keep hearing its the same muscles used in pushing the flow of urine or pushing a shit. What confuses me is this is only ABDOMINAL for me??? it doesn't feel like a kegel (like how you feel in your ass and make your dick jump). Do you guys know what i'm sayin? how do you feel or actually distinguish a reverse kegel? Any tips/advice is much appreciated!!! :)


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The simplicity of urination is the best way to properly describe Kegels and Reverse Kegels. I know you mentioned this but perhaps you are making it too complicated. When you are urinating push the flow as hard as you can. You will feel it in your abs, pelvic floor muscles and slightly close to your anus. A reverse kegel predominately feels abdominal but there are other less obvious functions at work. Mastering this exercise may be one of the most important parts of the length portion of you Penis Enlargement. Practice, Master and Apply!


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I had the smae problem, but after DLD told me it was simple, just push out hard like your trying to push out your unrine faster.


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thanks guys! Yea I probably was looking into it too much, I just wanted to make sure I'm actually doing it right. It will probably just take some getting used to like normal kegels did.
DLD: I'm a new member here and would like to say your site is the shit! not only is it in depth and thorough, the support is phenomenal!!! Like many others I was skeptical before I joined, but the main thing that convinced me is when i visited your forum and saw all of your posts. I have 4 other memberships to various Penis Enlargement sites and either there is NO tech support or half ass answers due to a "high volume" of members . I can see that you truly care and money is not your only concern. This is invaluable to me and probably everyone else and will take you far. I know if I was to recomend any Penis Enlargement site it would for sure be yours. Anyways i'll STFU but just want to tell you you're doing everything right and this is how a Penis Enlargement site should be. You have much respect and admiration!!!!


BTW: where is you're record log? I am really curious to see your gains/excersises over time. how long have you done Penis Enlargement? how long is your daily work out? do you recomend 3days on 1 off? Ok i'll stop bombarding you, lol. :p

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