Reverse Kegal Question


I haven't been able to do any exercises for a couple of months now that involve a reverse kegal. I injured a testicle and when i do the reverse kegals for some reason the varicocele (varicose vein in side of testicle) fills with too much blood. Very painful and swollen . Does anyone else have any simular problem or could give advise as to doing the reverse kegals without this happening? My growth stopped when I changed to hanging as i wasn't able to do the manual routine till I get healed up. Anxious for some growth again.


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Well, I'm sorry I can't help you with the vericose vein... I dunno how to do a partial reverse kegel, so it's all or nothing. I find when I'm hanging , if I cough, I get the same effect as a reverse kegel, but do it slightly. Don't wanna pull anything ;) Give it a go though, see how it feels.


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