Remembering D-Day.


Aug 23, 2003
Second World War,

After watching the Ceremonies of the 60th anniversary of D-Day, I thought it would be good to pay some attention to the things that happened in the past; maybe we can learn something out of it.
Although it all happened a long time before I was born I feel the need to thank the people of the United-States, Canada and the United-Kingdom for helping Europe to end a terrible War. If it wasn’t for all the young men who gave there lives for us, we would certainly live in a complete different world now.

If history is repeating, the free world should give a better support to the War against Terror, not let it be a war of the US and UK only.



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Jun 3, 2003
I have been watching the D-Day celebrations.
What BRAVE men they were all them years ago.
ORDINARY men had to find the courage from somewhere in order to go into battle against an unknown enemy.
So many died, yet I will NEVER forget them.
I am only 20 years old, yet they have a place in my heart FOREVER as they gave there lives for US Penis EnlargementOPLE WHO WALK TODAY.
If they hadnt well we wouldnt be here now.
I sometimes feel its a shame how the world has ended up since WW2.....peace has NEVER come into action, and war still rages somewhere.
Also in the UK, the people of today have little respect and manners like they used to .... the older generation must feel down sometimes as they died for us.
I can NEVER EVER see such courage being shown again by ANY British person.
If we went into war now, a WORLD WAR and had to goto war - the normal man, than I think we would have no chance, cos our beliefs have changed.
The Monarchy and Gouvernment mean LESS than they did than, that was a time when you DID DIE FOR QUEEN/KING AND COUNTRY.

GOD BLESS EVERYONE who died in that war,
They will always live when we die,
They are legends,
We will always remember.

Also I must add, it wasnt just the UK and US who saved many.
The Australians, Canadians, Polish, Indians, Czechs and MANY More also helped the allies during the war.

If only we could learn from the past.


Jun 7, 2004
Can anybody think of any greater accomplishment in the 21st Century, than the Allied Forces defeating the Nazi's?

Some facts I saw on the news. During the Allied Invasion, America's military was ranked 18th. Some 440,000 Americans were killed.