REDZULU, how important is wrapping when doing constrictors?


I tried the constrictors many times after you advised me to with little or no success. It was recently brought to my attention by iwant8x6 that the wrapping of the penis prior to clamping is very important. I am not nearly as thick as you are and even when I clamp the cable clamp as tight as it could go I wouldn't get great expansion. Do you think this could be my problem? Any tips on wrapping the penis to add girth for a tighter clamp session and a more uniform pressure?
I used duck tape on the inside of the clamps ( I'm around 5" mid-girth, clamped) I use folded paper towels instead of thera as wrap so I don't get a pinch when closing and I can throw it away when I'm done ( I get lube all over it)


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What Ulcaster said. A wrap serves two purposes. 1) it keeps your skin from getting pinched by the clamp's hinge, and 2) it adds additional pressure, which is especially important if you're not working with much girth to begin with.

I don't think Red uses a wrap at all.

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