Real Workout!


Jun 5, 2003
The wife worked 7-4 today, the neighbor took my daughter & her daughter to the movies, & my boys went to their aunt's house to swim.....
which left me to do my first real Penis Enlargement workout since late May.
And I got my money's worth - and then some!
(1) 5 full minutes of hot wrap
(2) 250 slow, strong wet jelqs - all the way from totally flaccid. I jelqed so slowly & powerfully, my hands were totally cramped by rep 250 - and my tool was hellishly red, swollen, heavy - like a water balloon.
(3) Cleaned off penis, then applied powder . Did 2 sets of 60-second A-Stretches , pivoting harder & harder every 10 seconds until I had a mad stretch going.
(4) 1 set of 10 DLD Blasters, high above my LOT, kegeling like crazy & pulling with both hands.
(5) Tried to do some dry jelqs , but my weinie was totally fried.
(6) 7 more minutes of hot wrap .
Damn! That was a killer & a half. Steps #3-5 were necessarily limited because of the wet jelq trauma (my tool actually looked something like pics of penises that just came out of the vacuum tube - seriously....wet jelqs are KING with me, I don't know why, but dry jelqs can't touch my cock the way wet ones do).
Damn that felt good! First "real" workout in almost 6 weeks. I'm stoked for school to return to session!
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