Reading a Woman's Body Language



Nov 11, 2003
Reading a Woman's Body Language

This is an important skill to learn. It will help you learn what type of approach and style to use as well as tell you who to stay away from.

There are two key forms of body positioning – open and closed.

An open body position describes a woman who is open to advancement. She will respond positively if you approach her, and is most likely wanting you too approached her.

A closed body position, on the other hand, indicates that the woman is on the defensive. She is either pissed, worries, already has a boyfriend, tired, you name it but she is not open to an approach and unless you just want a challenge, move on.

Open Positions:

Standing- she looks relaxed and her legs may be slightly apart. Her hands will be visible, on her hips, at her side, or maybe holding a drink. She will usually be looking around and generally in a good mood that radiates.

Sitting: If her legs are crossed and her arms anything but crossed, she is most likely open to your approach. She may even be trying to show some thigh to attract you so pay attention.

Closed Position:

Standing - If here hands are in her pockets or her arms crossed or folded, she is probably defensive or pre-occupied and not open to advancement. Move on.

Sitting: Legs and arms crossed - Walk away unless you just want punisHydromaxent or a major challenge.
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