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Some Serious Leechers from other Websites have been Hotlinking the Videos We Have In here. This Uses up our Bandwidth Incredibly, and Bandwidth costs Money.

So here's the Deal...I have another Hidden Section In these Forums called "The Video Vault". "The Video Vault" Contains Over 100 Hot Ass "Onion Booty", "8th Street Latinas" and "Glory Hole" Videos. They are High Quality Videos and the Full segments on all the Girls. I am updating this every night adding More and More to it. I will also Take Requests and Get you Videos on the Girls you would like to see.

If you Want to Gain Access to "The Video Vault" You need to Make a small donation to MoS to Contribute to Upgrading Your Forum. Please PM me for more info.

If you can't donate , I will still release 1 or 2 Videos in here every now and then, but no more Series like I did in the Past.

See You in The Video Vault!!!

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