Nov 15, 2003
Alright I've been everywhere and can't get a clamp so I made this thing out of a band clamp and a water bottle. Its kind of like a ratchet strap . It has a quick release. Its really ghetto and kind of hard to use but I'll get the hang of it. I can make it really tight though. What I'm wondering is this: when I put it on my erection goes away. My penis gets huge and engorged and veiny like you would't believe but it gets real floppy and bendable and right after I take the thing off I'm almost flaccid. Do you think this is still working good? I did read somewhere that either ulistretch or bib said that you don't need a full erection for it and probably won't have one after you put it on. This isn't just because of my design. This has happened with string too. By the way I use it for ten minutes.