Rapist-killer prowled youth hostels


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Rapist-killer prowled youth hostels
"Francisco Arce Montes, 54, from Spain, had a preference for girls aged between 12 and 15, the opening day of his trial in Rennes, France, was told... He is charged with raping and murdering Caroline at a youth hostel in the village of Pleine Fougeres, Brittany, in July 1996... The court heard that he enjoyed visiting youth hostels, with records showing him breaking into one in France in July 1993, returning to the same centre almost a year later, when he invited a young Irish girl to leave with him. 'Montes was in the habit of frequenting youth hostels in France, in Holland, in Germany, in Spain and in England, in most of which he committed offences of a sexual nature,' the court official said."


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