Random exercise questions


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Jun 13, 2003
1. When I do kegels, there seems to be two places that I kegel, the one where you squeeze your anus, and the other where it feels like im sqeezing in front of my balls (closer to the shaft). I just wanna check as to which one I should be concentrating on.

2. As I jelq , I can feel the blood drain the opposite way through my grip . I can never really get a good intense dick-is-giong-to-explode feeling, and I'm using the hardest grip I can muster. Should I work to get a better grip or something else?

3. I have the kind of dick that doesn't stay limp (meaning I can't stretch , even after I blow a load, it just comes back). This also means I can't bundle stretch either, which sucks cause I can't hit my tunica (I have a LOT at about 6, so ligs are out). Any ideas to help me stay limp or any way to work around the semi-erections?


Jun 5, 2003
1. Feeling the clenching of your anus is perfectly find when doing your kegels. However you shouldn't be feeling the kegel in front of your testicles, it should be right behind them.

2. I had the same problem as you, I've began using power jelqs in my routine, and it seems to be working for me rather well. Perhaps you should look into power jelqs also?

3. As you become more experienced with Penis Enlargement'ing you'll become more able to do stretches without acquiring an erection. You need to approach Penis Enlargement'ing as you would any normal exercises you'd do in the gym. Don't think sexual thoughts when trying to stretch , otherwise you're going to become erect and possibly wind up injuring yourself. Also there are other methods to stretch the tunica that don't involve bundling, 7up's V-stretch being one of them.


Jul 9, 2003
oop seems to hvae answered all of your questions.

I do have this input though. Try and do some regular "A"-stretches downward, no bundle , you may be surprised and hit some ligs.

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