Question for DLD and the vets?????


Mar 29, 2004
Hey DLD how long do u wait until u ejaculate or cum after a Penis Enlargement session????

How about the other vets???????

Thanks--Just wanted to know how long would be the best to achieve the maximum gains>>>


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
depends on the person, I wait many hours afterwards .. but saying this I dont do alot of session per week ... only like 3 , so it doesnt effect my, now becoming boring sex life.
I belive if you cum right after a session it lowers your hormones like DHT and testostarone which are essential in penile growth ... but peeps say they cum before and after sessions and yet grow I guess theres no PROOF here from me, but its been said by doctors and urologists that it lowers levels, and chemical changes in the brain ... I belive that SOME males it may effect, like those with low levels of the stuff that need it ... the ones in high mods will be okay to shoot IMHO.
I have ALWAYS stood by this rule, of at least 5 hours before or after, it was 8 in the start.
But its your choice, s I said others shoot all the time and gain great, even DLD .... but I belive as I said its cos they have high or good levels of hormone, otherwise it MAY effect them.
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