Question bout kegels

Scrub Ducky

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When you work the PC muscle long enough youll last longer, but how exactly does you stop from cummin early?
Does the excersize allow you clench the PC muscles during sex to stop you from cumming?Or does it just make you last longer before you feel the urge to cum?

Thanks ;)


Kegals, strengthen em and not only can you stop pee easily, but stop ejaculation too. This does not mean you continue with stimulation. You stop, hold still and kegal hard and hold it till it passes. You will get the spasms without ejaculation once you have trained yourself. You will after stopping it have a refractory period whereas you will soften some. In no time you will be ready again. You can do this as many times as you want. It's referred to edging or multiorgasm. Call it what you want, just know is feels soooo good!!!!!!!!!


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I've noticed that if I do a reverse kegel, I can go a lot longer than if I woulda just done a hard regular kegel. Any info on this?



I'll give it a try next time and see what happens. I'm presuming you mean reverse kegal while ejaculating. Please clarify.