Question about stretching i think i pulled something

Jun 13, 2003
Hey whats up guys,i been peing for a lil while now since my comp been back up.I don't jelque no more,well i dont intend to until i see the length gains i want.I do alot of diffrent stretches and tonight it got a lil painful.Ok let me not lie it felt real painful for a second,a sharp pain.While i was stretching with the o.k sign under the head of my dick.I pulled my dick straight out and held it for a min and 45 sec must of went by when all of a sudden i felt a pull back(i'm guess my ligs veins) inside my penis.The shit hurt like hell so i did a hot wrap right after it happened threw some boxers-sweat shorts and sweats on to keep my dick as warm as possible.I dunno whenever i put alot of clothes on it seems like it does the reverse of when i get in a ice cold shower .My question to you all is this normal,i'm not in pain now it was just for that second when i felt the pull back


Ditto on what DLD said. Then again, if it was just a quick short but, sharp may have just been "one of those things". I've had sharp pains when doing A stretches and putting the pressure on the wrong part of my an example. Not an injury, just my penis saying "Hey, I dont like that!"
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