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Hi. I've been a lurker at thunder's for a while and have been doin pe for about 8 months and probably will join MOS. i'm not the most experienced person here but does the MOS program require that i do a 'beginner routine'? i only ask b/c i dont want to waste time on somethin i'm pretty sure wont work (like jelquing for a hour) that might work for a newbie . at the same time i know dld is the man and know that his program will work and want to follow it to the T. how would the routine fit me if its geared for a beginner, i guess is what im askin


My guess would be that you should join and then talk to DLD personally. I'm sure he will be able to help you once he knows your situation more precisely. Good luck!

BTW, I'm also a new guy, but I'm fairly experienced with Penis Enlargement. I'll definitely be joining after Christmas, but hopefully (and probably) within a few weeks. Depends on the money situation. I'll keep you guys posted.



Welcome to the forums 9cyclops9 and gainer 18. When you join MOS paysite even though you are experienced pe'rs go with the level one for a couple of weeks. Level one is the foundation block for growth. Keep us posted guys!


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Yeah, i recently got a MoS membership and I'm starting on Phase 1. :D It's great, I forgot how awesome the basics were!



Yeah, you guys are right. i think once you've gained you sometimes get greedy and want instant satisfaction. patience and hard work are the keys to pe imo and sometimes i have to remind myself of that. thanks


Welcome Gainer18 & 9cyclops9, you've both come to the right site. Being a member of Mos is awsome. Can't wait for the phase 4 to be added. Soon too. It is a great site and no one has at any other site done more for the Penis Enlargement industry than DLD. I follow the routines and have made great gains also.

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