Quadruple Chin (slight exaggeration;))


Jun 15, 2003
Sup guys.

i've got a bit of fat under my chin and because I've now got a forward leaning neck posture from using the comp too much when I was depressed etc, and a big adam's apple - it makes my neck and adam's apple look weird. Everyone tells me they don't notice it and alot of ppl have never mentioned it so i'm not gonna tell them it bothers me now, LOL.
But it's something I NOTICE and bothers me.

What can I do to get rid of this? I'm exercising pretty regularly, sleeping well and am going to the gym later today to hopefully sort out a hardcore routine for swift gains. I've lost alot of fat and toned it up quite alot but this particular area still isn't improving.
If I could fix this up then I could stop worrying about how long it's taking to correct my 'head on neck' posture and how big my adam's apples is - LOL. Insecure as fuck aren't I? I also just want it so I can look better generally u know?

One thing I thought might help - maybe that ripping/sculpting (fat-emulsifying) gel u use for ur abs etc. I don't want liposuction, LOL

Thanks for any help u can give me on this matter LMAO .

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Jun 8, 2003
Hello there. :) Although you can't spot reduce fat, you can tone your muscle in order to make it look a bit better. I have this exercise that I used to do, haven't done so in a long time though.

It's kind a hard to explain. If you know how to flex your muscles in the "double chin area", it would help. Those muscles go all the way down to the upper chest. Flex them (kind of pulling your mouth inwards), and then bend your head backwards. Do this every other day, 5 reps. =)

If someone has a better explanation, and I'm sure there are some better ones, please add. =)