Pumping After PE?


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Jun 18, 2003
Would pumping for a little while after you finish your normal session of Penis Enlargement be a good idea? Would it aid in helping "cement" the progress you just made during your regular session of Penis Enlargement?

It's just that I got this pump sitting in my closet....wondering if I might as well put it to use.

Ya think it's worth it? Anyone else already do this? Has it helped, hindered, or you just don't know?
Sep 12, 2003
i understood pumping to be just somehow forcing fluid to build up in the penis or something with the pressure . . . not sure if it would help.

honestly i don't believe much in this 'cementing' stuff i hear mentioned. if you stretched the chambers well and everything, then why would it require anything else? i dunno, cementing just seems like one of the words that has no real meaning thats been getting tossed around the forums for a long time. i would wager, however, that with all these obessive Penis Enlargement'ers out in cyber space, that somebody has already tried to the post-workout pump , and if it had done anything it would have been "the next breakthrough" or whatever at some point. maybe i'm getting a little cynical.


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Jun 3, 2003
I think after a great girth session than some pumps afterwards would make the penis look ENOURMOUS...but wether it actually helps with any permanent growth is not known...I think [my gut instinct] is that it helps but only very very slighlty.
You have knowledge and sense....mess about with it and see what ya get.
Its very new territory and their aint many guys do pump and pe.
Also no offense but this should be in the pump room.
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