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Jun 3, 2003
I got these pictures when I looked up a guy at another forum who said he was 10X8 when pumped.

Well I have one picture to show.
It is as he said, but its pumped, the pump is still attached.

I have posted this to show the more inexperienced people that MOST Big-@#%$ sites outta their are just Pump efforts and that you aint small really to them.

This guy is nowhere near this big un-pumped....infact hes only just above average, PLUS he's also had Silicon implants in his penis.

Examples of pumper sites are

Bigcocksex.com and all the other Bigcock type worded sites.

Dont be put down by the fakeness.

Heres that link

http://www.geocities.com/redzulu2003/somePUMPenis EnlargementR.html


I infact heard of the guy here at this forum, but I cant find the post he said it in.
He aint a reguler and only posted like 4 times or summut.


Now see, I've never understood this whole pumping it up to rediculous sizes temporarily crowd. Nor the ones who inject silicone into their penises and scrotums. It's a very weird fetish. SOme of them get so big ( I meant bloated) that they cannot use their penises with anything human. This guy must belong to the "Master E. of extremecock.net/monster-tube.com club if he's an injector like you say.


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Jun 3, 2003
That looks like mnlivinglarge over from Thunders.

I pump just to give the women better eye candy. Not that they can see it in the huge pants I wear.


He is pumping inside of tube filled with water . As an experienced pumper, I can tell you that water magnifies the size of the penis, making it look larger inside the cylinder than it really is.

Pumping with water allows for a quicker build up of pressure. Plus, the water moves as you pump , adding to the pleasure.

Take-care if you follow his example and don't harm yourself. You'll get donut and pump -blisters really quick. Could rupture a blood vessel.

The hours I've spent laying in a tub of hot water , pumping water through a cylinder. I shutter at the pleasures, and the additive nature of it.

More times than I care to remember, and regretting it for days afterward as blisters turned to scabs and healed. The pain of simply walking, as my penis rubbed against my jeans.

Use to try and convince myself, I'd only go at it for a short time. Then two or three hours slip-by, ending up with painful blisters and donut.

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