Hi, my name is Steve, and I'm a pumpaholic.

Well, not really, but I did get a pump recently, and I am using it. So far, I use it post work-out, a kind of a cool down exercise. Worked up to 6hg for 2 - 10 minute sets right now. My thought is that it might help solidify gains. Time will tell. I seem to be about the same length in the pump as BPenis Enlargement, somehow I thought I would get a little more - but - I have found that my flaccid hang is now increased even more, and I seem to get harder (as if that was possible) during sex. I do find it to be the easiest, most benign and most comfortable Penis Enlargement device I have ever used (and I have used most of them). So I like the pump so far.

I would love to hear any thoughts, tips and tricks to get more out of the pump for Penis Enlargement. Also, for non-Penis Enlargement. I tried to use it while swimming to suck up a fish the other day, but it didn't work. I figure it would make a fine bong too, but have yet to engineer it. I did pump a girls vulva with it over the weekend, and she reported much more intense feelings during sex. I sucked up one of her nipples too, and I she orgasmed just from that (and yes, I have already ordered a set of nipple cylinders after that little experiment). I figure the opportunities for shenanigans with a pump may exceed all other Penis Enlargement equipment 10 fold.

So, any other Pumpaholics on this forum?


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What a life you lead, man! You truly are a swinger!

I've got a pump too. Haven't used it in a while, though... I'm getting a bad enough donut effect from just doing manual exercises.

It's not a fancy one with a gauge...I bought it from Adam & Eve... it's called "Handsome Up" or some shit like that. I fucked around with it a few times, but I don't believe in pumping gains. I don't even know if it's a correct size. The cylinder is like 9" around and 8" or so long. It came with three different sized gaskets. The biggest one is too tight, so I stopped using it. Currently, I've got that gasket pulled over a jar of paint to stretch it to a more comfortable circumference so I can start using my pump again.

I had another pump before that one, but the trigger-type pump handle up and broke, and the gasket got stretched out and was sucking ball skin in with my cock.....not good. When I first bought that one and started using it, it was funny that my then girlfriend noticed the difference right away just from looking at my hard on. Intriguing... but I never really used it again because I heard that the gains you get from pumping were fake.

I was thinking the same thing about using it post-workout... I still have the pump ... I might as well use it right? You say it's been helping when you use it after a workout, eh?

As far as tips and tricks go...can't help ya there..don't got the experience. I just felt like blabbing.
What kinds of pumps are you guys using?
When doing jelqing or stretching , this can be interesting.
I put a cock ring around the base, and that acts to hold in blood, then pump . It draws in as much blood as my penis can hold. I do this slowly, so I don't hurt myself.

Then try jelqing. May have to jelq one handed and hold the ring down with the other. Man, the feeling I get from it it somethin' all together different. I can feel an effect from it.


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Are you talking about a regular cock-ring, or a clamp?

The pressure built up must be pretty hardcore with that method.

Using a cockring. A rubber one. Yes, pressure throughtout the penis does become quite intense if you pump too much. Go slow, so you don't hurt yourself.

Also, when jelqing or stretching , it can be intense too.

I believe a clamp could work just as well, you just want to hold off blood flow a bit more so you can keep more blood in your penis.

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