Psychologist allegedly lies on commitment forms


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Psychologist allegedly lies on commitment forms
Sarasota Herald Tribune |
"A Longboat Key psychologist has been charged with perjury and may lose her license after prosecutors said she lied on state forms to commit her neighbor [Jean Pierre Villar] to a mental health center last year. Dr. Holli Bodner is also under investigation by the state Department of Health for allegedly lying on the commitment forms... The administrative complaint says Bodner's statements on the form 'were not based on any evaluation or treatment that she performed on J.V. or on any review of J.V.'s medical and/or psychological history,' and that Bodner 'knew that the statements she made in the Petition were untrue at the time that she filed the Petition.' ... On a form, she wrote that Villar was incompetent, insane and homicidal. His 'wife and kids will be DEAD, due to severe long-term abuse,' she wrote. 'He is a weapon,' she warned deputies on the form."


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