Protein Saturation an Easier Version



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Dec 10, 2003
Ok, I broke down and called a friend of mine the other day. Scott Mendelson is the owner of SST supplements , and he and I were discussing my protein saturation diet, and he said that's exactly what you need when you are cutting and trying to lose bodyfat, the reason is because the saturation of BCAA in the blood and the use of the BCAA as fuel for the body as well as using glycogen stored, when they are limited because of low carb intake. He has two products that will help maintain a steady BCAA flow in the blood, 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis. No one needs to order this till I have mine in and have used the month supply. I want to see if this is the ticket that I've been needing, I think it is, but I will see. I'll keep this thread updated over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully with a pic or two. If these products are good, I will be able to make them available to you guys at a cheaper price than off his website. You can check out the info at, read the articles and check out the supps. I'll repost in a week.


Jan 16, 2004
Awesome job man. So he approved that diet of yours? *thumbs up* Sometime in the next month or so I'm going to be trying that, but first I need to restock my protein and creatine supply.
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