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What is it really for. I see it for hair loss, enlarged prostate and about 10 other things? Is it really that good? It is the same a propecia exept 5mg instead of 1. If it stops DHT, then that would hinder Penis Enlargement as well. What do you gentleman think?
Many guys experience a loss of libido with these drugs also. The DHT does not convert to estrogen, it actually keeps your estrogen levels in check. So when you block this mechanism, so guys even experience gyno. (manboobs)


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I also heard that it cause internal orgasms, I know that SWM has not gotten any bad sides yet, but he is a greek god, so he is unaffected by mere mortal side effects. Acne is casued by DHT and I know that Proscar can help with it a lot. That is what body builders use to combat hairloss and acne, cause they dont take accutane for it, because that would overload there liver with all the other drugs they are taking.
I would check in to a topical product called spiro before messing with propecia. Lots of the bodybuilding guys swear by it, and it also will help block the dht in the front line of the head, unlike propecia.


I've been using propecia for years now , I think it works quite well .. no real side effects , its a little hard to tell since i've been on it for a long time .. I know it can reduce your libido some but at my age you got plenty of reserve.With Pe i've seen soem girth gains but i don;t really think propecia would effect that .. I remember a guy from thunders who was around 50 or so and was on propecia and he made very good gains. I also remember reading that when taking Propecia for long time the receptors become Up- regulated (more sensitive to the hormone) so in other words it's like you revisted puberty I think , It was from a doctor too who said this. Also
AncientChina there are plenty of anti-estrogen dugs out there to stop the conversion or stop estrogen from binding to the receptor.. there is a otc product that is suppose to be really effective.

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