Pros and Cons of Transfering a Credit Card balance??



Ok guys, I know I'm not the only one here with one of these things. Actually, I've got two. One has a pretty low balance...around $600. The other has about $2,500 on it. I just got an offer in the mail today. One of those "youre pre approved" things where I can transfer my balances from my other cards and change over to about a 9% interest rate vs. the higher rates I have now. Besides the lower rate and having one bill now instead of the two CC bills, and being able to close the other two accounts and just pay off this one card....what are the other Pros AND Cons of doing something like this? Anyone?
Feb 23, 2004
How long are they going to give you 9% for? Be sure and check that out. As long as they don't jack up the interest rate before you pay it off then this would be a good idea in my opinion.
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