Propecia, (finasteride)prostates, cancer...whats the story?



"Propecia, (finasteride)prostates, cancer...whats the story?"
I'm a younger guy in my mid-twenties. I'm taking generic Propecia to stop hair loss. I know Finasteride (propecia/proscar) is prescribed as a treatment for prostate enlargement/cancer. I'm wondering if I'm sort of killing two birds with one stone? I mean...the fact that I'm taking finasteride I acting in my own favor? Or, is prostate cancer something that cannot be avoided if you have a genetic pre-disposition for it? I dont have a family history of if that I know of. Anyone know? ?:(
Jun 3, 2003
"Propecia, (finasteride)prostates, cancer...whats the story?"
I think one can use preventative measures fro prostate cancer with certain medicines/supplements . I don't know the effects of this particular one on prostate cancer though. I DO however know that my dod took Propecia for about a year and regrew virtually all the hair he had lost (he wasn't bald but it was really thinning in the front and the sides).

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