progress of my minime..

Oct 11, 2003
"progress of my minime.."
i know im new here but im goign to continue as i was at the pp forum..

aaaanyways.. well yeah im not very pissed adt my dick as im not feeling the soreness after the workouts.. ive been doing everything that was told to do.. i did less repetitions but doing them more intense.. ive added time to my workout.. so im going to add a new advanced exercise.. dont know which yet.. but i will decide on the weekend as i usually do the 5 on 2 off routine..

also thinking about hangin.. i dunno but im going to have to build my won hangdevice?? i dunno what its called because i have no money.. ahh living the student life..bagh..

current routine..

warmup 5 mins , ReDz constrictors 10 mins , 200-300 (intense)wet jelqs , usually jack off followed by hot bath , normal stretches for 10 mins , TOW stretches 10 mins and finally V-stretches for another 10 mins.. kegels throuhout the day..

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