problems with jelqing


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Oct 29, 2003
sup everybody this is my first post so be kind.

i am uncircumsized and i am finding it difficult to jelq because of my foreskin. when i do a wet jelq and use the two hadn technique i end up pulling much of my skin over the head of my penis which defeats the purpose of the jelq . my question is this- how can i solve this problem? can i just use one hand and flex my pc muscle inbetween jelqs or something? also if the purpose of jelqing to to force blood into the penis then why do it with your hadns? why not just buy a penis pump?

thanks and dld redzulu and all the other people here please reply thanks.


Youre not defeating the purpose of jelqing man. The purpose of jelqing is to get erect enough to have enough blood in your penis that when you perform the jelqing , you are moving the blood forward and outward with your gripping hand under more pressure than your penis would ever experience under normal...non jelqing circumstances. As long as you are getting a worked feeling while you jelq ...the skin moving over the glans has no effect on gain potential. I am circumcised. Before Penis Enlargement, I was very tightly cut. Now I can pull the skin over my glans completely when erect. I still get very effective jelqing sessions done. Why not just buy a pump ? Well, it depends on how long you want to wait to see gains. Pumping as far as I know only creates a vaccuum on the outside of the penis and for the most part, pulls on the penis from the outside of the skin/penis. Many pumpers usually see only temporary size increases...due mostly to fluid build up under the skin while pumping . Jelquing on the other hand, uses pressure on the inside of the penis...using the blood in the penis to do the expanding of the inner tissues. Much more effective.


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Jun 3, 2003
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